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January 28, 2007 Sunday 1:06 PM Talk to Delta Waves

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I rest on weekends, right?
K Ma, I'm going into the CAVE now. The VR CAVE I heard they are going to try to intergrate it with blender later. OoooOOoooo. 1:06 PM I get a myspace message from Tricia hours after it was sent. And the content of the message is that she needs a Video Camera ASAP. I wondered what that call was at 9. I feel bad now. I was pretty much asleep.. and it hadn't really been a normal night of sleep so I was much less likely to accompdate things nayway. I wish I had heard her voice because I picked it up and listened... but I didn't hear anything sounding familiar. So I hung up. I really must have been asleep. I wonder what it's like to talk to my delta waves? Maybe I heard a voice but didn't reconize it. That might be it. I have no number to call her at so getting back to her is a channelge. So what do I do? Keep checking myspace messages? I tried IMing her via that. She needs to know about IMing if she doesn't have a phone. Information of necessity would get across. I gotta put together my calender. And re-examine my schedule. I've noticed a lot more comments suddenly. I wonder what happened? I appreciate them. I appreciate readers/viewers. I wonder if this is as many as I'll ever get. Never know I suppose. Never know. Someday there will be another spike and I'll be ready because I'll be in the habit. The prob. with last time was that it came at the absolute 'wrong' time. I wasn't up to producing things. Someday... I suppose. 8:40 PM I'm taking tonight to go back and re think my schedule along with pick up on some calculations and figure in due dates for things into iCal. I also managed to get a nicer screen shot.

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