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Who is Shirine?

February 28, 2007 Wednesday Who is Shirine?

A small ode to Shirine. After having run into Shirine today in the photo lab

I decided to create a short piece to record her existence in the pages of my


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--- notes from Earlier in the day --- It's a good thing the U.S. gave in. They had started the mess in the first place. And they eventually had to unfreeze the accounts before N. Korea would talk and this was all after the nuke issue. And now U.S. has some sort of sense to come together with Iraq's neighbors... Well that's good. And the whole US generals would resign of an attack on Iran was ordered was a welcomed news item. It seems that maybe the U.S. will be back on track.... or maybe that is nieve. 12:13 PM My first open source code I submited to a OS comunity. Yay! It feels good. 12:25 PM And yet I was happy and spinning around in my chair and I hurt myself. Dang. I'm not bleeding yet so it's okay... so far. ... The use of file merge is quite fun as well. lex yacc awk sed ? A course for new moodle developers Darn it. I left in a error msg string. Gotta fix it. 7;28 PM I didn't know this was the last day of this month. What is up with February? ~late It's a shame when I haven't the time to write the entry.


A Day *sigh

February 27, 2007 Tuesday A Day *sigh

It's one of those days where the mood is what it is and you can't change it.
Strange, I lie down somewhere and people suddenly notice me. Liz and Marrian. <-- had not seen since Summer Phil I encountered Karie! for the first time in person since I ran out of that lab that one day. It turned out she was the one helping me. She invited me to something Saturday. And I feel obliged to go. It was pretty amazing to suddenly be like ... Whoa she is right there after I was the one asking about Karie. We had only e mailed back and forth. I did not see the play tonight. Squiggy from work helped me get a shot in the Depo (campus food place) I walk by the art office trying to see if Marie is at the desk... And completely pass Marie as she is the one 'standing' there not at the desk but in front of it. It was a whoa Marie! It was how I was looking for. I had 2 sandwitches today. One I ate near Zara at lunch. Another for dinner that someone with a Penguin hat made for me. Oh yeah, I walk in on Ben in the pro editing room of the theathre arts building. Very pro. It was good to see him in that sort of envirnment. -- notes from lab -------------------------------------------------------- Idea Matters -naming convention plays on the Idea's Matter to matter as a substance more like 'ideas have substance' If the movies are more exploring the world of ideas. Then it doesn't matter so much that I do not see images of the day. For they are not of the day. The universe of possibilities for thought extend past daily bounds. The Long walk to SSR .. other notes in the notes for today. The keyboard sound typing thing.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ... It's hard when I feel under tension. All the little annoyances of cold and wetness. Wallet getting stuck in jeans. Weight of the back pack, and the akward encounters with people make the day annoying. It's maddening to me. I like to feel freer and allowed to walk about but not with the weight of the world on my back. I can cut my day together. I have enough variety. I'm sure it would be at least a little interesting. The Wily Web All I really want is an Open Source version of Cam Studio But for the mac. 10:31 PM Though my day is just about over... I have to make mention of some writing ideas... The 'Real' Turing Test It's really going on. The whole fake your human gig is big business out on the net where agents spam blogs, mail accounts and sign up for web space. How will you prove they 'aren't' human? IM bots and SL Robots too? The real battle for humanistic intelligetns (least the kind that can sign up for net deals) rages on over the net. Coordinate Truth History is interped not remembed. It's not the truth it's an approximation or more so, a constructed reality of what you wanted the past to be... more than what it was. How do we prevent the propoganda abuse of historic spin on the past? Perhaps a more perfect record would settle the dispute once and for all. You can spin old footage or write about events how you choose but you can not forge the coordinates that once graced time and space. If you record enough could you hit the cosmic replay button? And take a walk through what life was like Circa 2006? Pause and replay a day as You pleased? Who could run from absolute truth frozen in time. The Long walk to SSR I never told my SSR (Sustained Silent REading) teacher that I thought she was worth the long walk to the gym all 4 years of High School. I should now. I should tell the story about finding myself trucking it all the way down to the gym on the 'other' end of campus just to read books... but it turned out to be more when she showed the vagues of intrest in actualy mentoring the SSR class. Her talks made the long would worth it as I once remarked on why I made the trek down to the gym and how I came to appreciate it. Idea Matters It's the thought that counts. But is it? How have ideas shaped the world? Have they really lead people into actions? Does philosphy really have an impact? What is the real work of a thinker and why might it be a good idea to be one? Can one make a living thinking? It's one of those days where the mood is what it is and you can't change it.


Giant Intermission

February 26, 2007 Monday 4:16 PM Giant Intermission

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It's one giant intermission.
I'm no dramatist. Least not a fanatic as some are. I don't really 'want' to get inside a charactor. It's why I can't become a good director I suppose. But I don't really aspire to fufil the complete human element. I'm not a dramatist fanatic. I can't understand their motive behind their excitment. I mean, I sort of get the utility but it's a bit too much for me at times. .... I am aware that decisions will eventually be made in the future that will bend my life one way or another. And while I can not know how others will take those choices I know that they will come and then they will pass as waves do on the beach. .... I am so tired of the lack of a good OS X screen capture I'm starting to read through the mac graphics API's. ... I think over whemlingly though. It seems to me that everything "I" do in a group is wrong. I get criticized for this and that. And I hate it. 7:55 PM How is it that I can still feel this way? What gives? I mean, c'mon. things were just 'felt' better in the past. I notice the difference so much that I try to remember and re-grasp the thing and yet I am unable to retrive the feeling.


Intermission 16

February 25, 2007 Sunday Intermission 16

I hate it when...
So, that's would it would have looked like on tv at the time. Whoa there Group projects are not my forte. Least, I find it annoying that the lack of formal order creates power struggles both overt and inferential. I hate the struggle of communication and whole heartedly wish there were means to freeze time and examine the underlying problems inherent in attempts to broadcast ideas in a group. I can not even fathom an analysis of the dang thing. I hate it when I come off as something that I would hope to god I was not. I would hate to come off as that person whom doesn't do the work in the group. I wish I could explain out that fact that given items for production were not possible from my sources. I have a feeling that the preception of myself is one of the lessor of the entire group. Neverminding the fact I try. Neverminding the fact ideas I bring aren't always accepted and that may quickly be forgotten. Neverminding, it all. It bothers me when perceptions don't match reality in my opinion.

"It bothers me when perceptions don't match reality in my opinion."

8:15 PM I spent much of the day annoyed by things. Somehow, I need to relax. Somehow I need to breath again. How did it get this way? I ask. 10:19 PM I guess I've just been grumbling to myself all day. Not putting in enough effort. Just too much negativity. I'll have to stop thinking. I should hope that people understand the distinction between my writing and my journal.


Intermission 15

February 24, 2007 Saturday 12:23 PM

It's a code world.

Air Muscles. Air Mucles from Shadow Robot Company. Quite clever. I can see the use. I can see how much more effective and easy it is to use the things. You could even have a tank of pressured air and just let air flow when you need it. And have a controled release value. The main tank can have it's on compressior but it's not necessary depending on the application. I can program simlutions with this sort of actualator in mind. Some of the things even look and approx. the human arm. Robotic Arm I should be saying "what do I need to do to work for you guys?" 4:27 PM Lib SDL It's the back bone behind many many cross platform programs. 3:33 PM Very intersting. Structure of Relations at a School What is up with that huge one in the corner? It's interesting to imagine the story lines behind some of those structures. (Like the female 4 guys star.) The SDL project is like a rosetta stone for software platforms. They have builds for many many platforms so just reading through the set up files can really open your eyes to what you need for different systems. 4:52 PM I have managed to compile from source. I did not know of autoconf 5:20 PM I think a move to more information relevant editing is possible. PiTiVi(very new?) Intersting. 5:54 PM Why do people even bother putting Xcode projects into source releaseas? When 'EVERYTIME' it breaks because Xcode remembers the link structure of the machine it came from. 6:09 PM Totally forgot I had built the Xvid Code from source already. I realized it right before I was going to compile again. And I still don't know what to do with the thing though. 8:47 PM I am sad. When I think about the fact I am away from her. When I think about how long it could be before I see her again. I am sad. It's hard to shake those feelings that feast on the lonely indoors. It's hard to shake that feeling that hounds my insides when I begin to realize certain truths about my life. I realize no one I know will remain. I realize life is always in flux, and that times are only times for so long. The ebs and flows of the thing or indeterminate as far as my mental capacity can discern despite the great rush of physical determinism that the society of law would dictate. I understand change is change. I wonder if this was early on for Josh Leo. Josh Leo First Rant



February 23, 2007 Friday Definition

That which defines me.
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or get Xvid Codec Or Watch the flash version below (sometimes below) notes from earlier---- fractured as they often are before a re-write While there was no class. It would have been nice to know that fact sooner than finding out after coming to an empty room. I needed my sleep today. And it would have been nice to spend the time with her. So I slept sad. And wake up into this day annoyed and grumpy. encoding decoding? audio and video? For the love of 'god' please understand this license issue. closed 'standards' Political Virus Virus code and Free speech??? LIke posting blueprints for a gun but osmone comes builds it then shots someone. There is work to be done. If I take the time to teach you about OPen source. PUt together a Disk with the software and how to use it And what you can do Aimed at the person whom is just getting started. Benefits to your life sort of way. perhaps, you don't realize just how much better and more richer and experience you can have. Media Software My own video player. Self Learner and trends towards collaborate and self learners check if link is dead than reaplaces the a =href with just text math MOral What is a proof? cross mulitply .. not a rule... lets call it a theorm. That which defines me.


Hope for the World

February 22, 2007 Thrusday 7:41 PM Hope for the World

Gotta do commentary it's the best part about doing movies

everyday. I just wish the mic hadn't kept dying.

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GNU Cash I seem to have forgotten the role of GNU cash though I think there is a simplier program to fit my purposes. I remember my ideas about accounting software and how I wanted a more graphical representation. Course, then again I think I have forgotten all the dependent librarys of blender. I was particular fasinatined in examining the physics engine. And now that I think about it, I don't know where the fluid sim code lies. OpenAL They follow the naming conventionof the ever popular OpenGL Though OpenIL shared a re-naming fate after someone compliend with that big legal talk. I do not know the story but I do know they had to rename to DevIL Clever but I'm not sure I think of Devil's when I think Image processing. wxWidgets Formaly know as wxWindows (MicroShaft told them off) They are the cross platform GUI guys. That means computer application face lift for all OS's Still don't know what I'm talking about? Check this out. No matter what your OS wxWidgets can make your program 'look' like it belongs there. I've managed to compile stuff in the past. Though I didn't know what I was doing.. so I suppose now that I have much more paticents and skill I could get the thing working.... I think. ... as far as today... Today, it hail very hard for about 1/2 hour. And if only I had my camera I could have shown you rivers of water moving ice away. It looked like snow because everything was thickly covered in ice. It was amazing. Though it got me cold and wet and I had to stay on campus because I had to rehearse a scene with someone. 9:38 PM

"The existance of the net is the only reason I think there is still some hope for the world"

It's a place where the people of the world can meet each other free from the 'governments' of the world. A place without the borders. A common ground for the common wealth of humanity. It is only via the net that the conversations for healing will find a place to live. But the work of the change has to begin with the realization of the necessity. And let a new wave a 'parallel' journalism take hold the world over. Let the exposure of truth be the first victory for the world. Let everyone take their arms (their cameras, and recorders) and show us... all of us what the world really is. So that we may see where to place are first steps on it's new terrian.


What the Inverse?

February 21, 2007 Wednesday What the Inverse?

Why do you have to do that fraction
inverse thing when you divide fractions?
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3:59 PM My nights have been backwards. I tend to move, 'what is due first' but I need to classify the activities appropriately. As in, as much as it pains me I can't film and edit before I tend to homework. I have to tend to homework before filming and editing. (much begrudged) I always thought the movies were 'due' before the school stuff. But I can't keep thinking this way and maintain sanity. Least, I can make myself tired with movies... (somewhat varible) while homework gets more of my awake time. BUT before that I thought I'd link to some open source places that I'm fasinating in the code for. The Princeton WordNet I came across this one day a long time ago and I have never forgotten my fasination with it. The Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton has created a "large lexical database of English" It's one of the few projects that I have ever managed to get compiled on Mac OS X (this says more about me than it does about the projects) I'm not the best yet at compling from source. Though these days I'm a lot more likely to get better. MAPM, A Portable Arbitrary Precision Math Library in C. Speaking of things I can actually compile. I manaded this one with ease once. Though I haven't had much use 'yet' for it I'm glad such a thing as arbitrary precision math functions exist for my amusment. It should come in handy for those neat-o math sim's I'm thinking of later. The ease at which it can be applied to code via the defined operators make it a wonder to use it's special data type MAPM which lovingly stands for "Mike's Arbitrary Precision Math" Library Gotta love people getting their names into things. I do recall daniel had his modling format. It's one the surefire way to get your name remembed. (just insert it into a naming convention for some code that could popular) I sit back and I realize people actually have reasons to come to source sites and use the stuff. So if only I could get in on some of that action... I could be remembed. Course, what exactly do I or could I produce that would be so speacil? SQLite People rave about it. And since I began working with databases on a daily basis (for work) I began to notice the utility of a small db powered data management back end. I suppose it's fairly centeral to the whole 'what a computer is meant for' it's just no noe requires that I really understand and know how to use Relation Databases. They are very good things to know. Espeacilly, for later when I 'finally' *eye twitch write my journal software. Had I written it way back when, it would have been completely different. Now that I know more about all the different things that are out there... I think I can understand my options for it's design. And I'm thinking sqlite has enlighted me to the possibility of a db powered life info sorter. iCalender Wait Chris, that's not a code project that's a Standard! I know. As far as my lifes events are concerned I was wondering if there was anyway to seamlessly pull events in time and other activity data together. From that perspective it seems like my journal would become a pimped out version of a calender program. Though I've always shyed away from all that leap year, daylight savings gibbersh and GMT time business... I have to face the music at some point. I was impression-ed after finding out that the iCal format was implemented in many many things. (I checked out Sun Bird as a result) .... I could go on and put down blender, python and other gnearly (too big for me to completely comprehend) sorts of things but I was merely listing out what I had intersetig in reading and reviewing the code for. though I'm desperatly wanting to compile Blender ( have not yet suceeded)


? with comments

February 20, 2007 Tuesday ? with comments

Sometimes the use of an iMovie Effect can clean up a bad shot. Watch for the extra shots not featured in the original movie.
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I was looking for this... google couldn't help because I only knew it from the story perspective. Gauss Story I think it's that last hour of the day. When your beat, when your down and out.. and the difference between success and failure is that one extra hour you put in to accomplish what you have always dreamed of. 6:37 PM The problem I can see is that I have conflict between to criteria for production. I tend to want to do the next due item first but what if that item is in the category of my personal endeavor? I've noticed, as I walked about today that managing one's life seems to have much more to do with remembering and abiding by items on the calendar than any other thing. 'Does everything have a time?' I'm not sure. Or perhaps, I know not whether I am giving certain things 'enough' time. And I can't know quite how behind I am until it's too late. It's a concern I suppose.


The ? Movie

February 19, 2007 Monday The ? Movie

Try to decipher it.
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or get Xvid Codec Or Watch the flash version below (sometimes below) In summary of a codec article I found. Movie files are huge. Harddrives are not So compress with a codec And solve your caveat See Article ... The problem is that not enough people understand the whole codec phenomen. Remember, democracy relies on an informed and educated popluance. ... So I've got to inform people about the whole Xvid deal I'm living under. (They are contining to procure the flash lifestyle without thinking of the full consequences of their actions) Important.

I succesfully compiled another thing for once. The latest Xvid Codec Code. 3:50 PM A mild Case? of Antisocial personality disorder? I say mild because while I have social trobles it doesn't seem like I fit the bill when it comes to generalized Antisocial_personality_disorder I do sometimes lack the, "natural ability to see the subtexts of social interaction, and may lack the ability to communicate their own emotional state, resulting in well-meaning remarks that may offend, or finding it hard to know what is "acceptable". The unwritten rules of social behavior that mystify so many with AS have been termed the "hidden curriculum". People with AS must learn these social skills intellectually through seemingly contrived, dry, math-like logic rather than intuitively through normal emotional interaction." [?] That text is bias. Somehow. Someway everything gets down to the levels of physics and all things are inherently orderly and logical like. the Use of the term 'natural' is meant as 'ease of' rather than this is the 'right' behaviror. Someone with AS would teach a machine to commuint better than someone with out. Just interview one for his or her social devices and the program as specified. This is just perfect to go with my mild case of Tourettes. NO, not the swearing one. I found out songbird makes media browsing easier. Still very proto and bugged code but I see why they did it. No more codec hassles. Just find media and play it. Right there. Its' liek FireFox + VLC = Songbird ... i think. mmm more like a susitiue for iTunes. Songbird wiki page Song Bird Site 9:40 PM I notice spikes in the hit counts around weekends. I wonder why I saw such an increase in recent days.. Regardless, I have to move on from today. I have much to clean up. And no harddrive space really left for anything.


Intermission 14

February 18, 2007 Sunday 12:57 PM Intermission 14

It's strange how some scribbled course notes are so helpful to me. Blender 2.43 finally came out. But I can't get at it yet due to everyone else in teh blender universe downloading and visiting the sites. Pretty Opening page of the MagLev Demonstration at MIT I browsed the tabs until I found... Movies of the thing in action! Smart MIT analysis I can see I have a long way to go before my research methods can rival the MIT guys. Yikes. I do pick up a few concepts from the thing. Namely, the necessity of linear ness for control of a system. And the whole working the 'air space' thing into the equations to make the realization feasible. But I have to say 'wow' in caps at the ingenuity of the thing. I think the world is also under a 2.5 CC Lincense. So that makes it possible for me to talk about the whole thing. So long as it's not for profit. Yi Xie's thesis Credits for the thing The majority of the content of this site is derived or taken directly from the thesis submitted by Yi Xie for the Master of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, under the supervision of Professor David Trumper of the Mechanical Engineering department. Web site layout, text and some graphics by Ross Hatton. The plant hardware was originally built by James Sanders, Tiep Nguen and Michael Queen at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. OpenCourseWare materials are licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology I had the headache but I went to the gym and to meeting with the group for the Amer. Gov. And then after I went to *** in which I talked over some things. Apparently I don't know how to have a conversation.


Horrible Saturday

February 17, 2007 Saturday Horrible Saturday 

Another intermission.
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Typing on the weekends just makes sense. Cousre I need to pull myself back into my school work. That's a sad thing. Not before I make a few notes though. Poor predictable society. Oh well. Bikini News (go figure) ? cool page, makes me want to play Zelda again ZreoMusic Shadow Think When I'm feeling angry When I walk out side in rage I tend to get poetic As though I'm on mind stage Verse and text pour from me As though I'm made of glass My thoughts transparent through This soft and billow mast On winds that take me no where I stand to see what see A place I can not walk to A place you can't bother me And once I get there I'll be alone Refugee from all the world In palace and or broken tomb As nothing but my home From my lair I can find A place where I can think And watch the world temp time As watches walk the week I free verse all my neurons The ones that wink and blink The'll spew poems as fast as mind speed The speed at which I speak For rhythm flows from in me At break neck speed indeed I hardly stop to think it I hardly feel the need If you ever wonder how it is I do this bashy thing You needn't look no further I'll take you on my wing I'll tell you it's a mind set Somethings I often play When feelings are erupting Beneath my shadow way It's easy spelling out My tatters tired and tornage when poem is the language of my shadow day time thoughts -chris [5:21 PM Sat Feb. 17 2007] ..... .... 7:10 PM Life in LaTex is quite interesting. I'm gradually picking up on it. 11:43 PM

"I can not walk to the place I want to be, I have to build it"

This day got worse and worse. It's been hell. And more. See later movies for detials.


Movie: Sadie Birds of Past

February 16, 2007 Friday Movie: Sadie Birds of Past

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It is with great honor that I bring the Sadie Movie to the web. I made this movie for my best friend Sadie back when she turned 19. It was a complete surprise for her and even though she shows up in shots she didn't know it was a movie for her. When I watched after all this time I reaffirmed the fact I think she's a great person and decided it needed to be up for everyone to see. For Sadie, Love Chris.
5:23 PM I am back in my room. Thinking about what I have to do now. VB finish Program and put to disk (need lab for that) 309 Checklist and Notes Typed Unit I,II ready to talk on Thur Drama Char Paper by mondy Gropu Meeting 5 pm Sunday (send reminder and type notes) Extras poke at LaTex movies and project notes? The weekend really sets up the week. As far as my personal goals. It's much easier through the week if work out my plans now. People seem to like poetic stuff I write. ... mmm I should movitize something like that. That was somethign I've been meaning to do anyway. NOTES from earlier Settling in to work Means sitting before the screen. Slowing gradually figuring What I haven't seen Then seeing with my eyes The ones made out of code And knowing that I have A long day fully load And sitting here in front Of a keyboard with a grunt I take a breath and say Today will be a workin day. -chris Feb. 16, 2007 Victory of codeing wonder Reafirming never ender All the while a thoughful blending Of possiblity and civilary Of that offending Code for which it's nature is unknown to me Jentry 12:17 PM I'm feeling fairly vindicated. LIke I affirmed that I have learned a lot. By writing up all that I knew and having it work. I'm primed to be able to work on more. but I'd rather learn mores. 12:52 PM I like to accomplish things. Then I'm not really tired when I sit before the work computer. ... later A long talk with Jenny formly know to me as (Laura) She scolded me for not knowing her name. I pleaded I had learned it wrong. She always says hi and sometimes runs over. I appreciate the attention but as I spoke with her I found she 'thinks' she doesn't know a lot of people. So, I'm one of the few she has met. She knows more than she lets on I bet. ... I saw Rey in the depo. It was the first time since the day I saw her walking with Lacy on Disaster Day (the day of the Earthquake drill and my first filming on Friday) I believed I walked away that day thinking... mmmm I guess Lacy and Rey don't really prefer me. I frowed I suppose than went about my life. Only, it would seem that there are only illusions of times when I feel that 'alone' But it may not always be the case. For the curious, this is one of those eras I'm in now. When I turn away from teh social.... though not to as high a degree as last semster I supose. === END NOTES from earlier


No Idea Commentary

February 15, 2007 Thursday 6:00 PM No Idea Commentary

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Sometimes movies catch my attention and I think.. mm I've got to go back and talk about that one for one reason or another.
I think I'm getting used to the no sound in my left ear thing. ... A Pattern Machine? I was thinking about sequences and patterns. And I realized.. sort of prototype-thinking that when I search for a pattern I go through a process of +,-,/,* in different combinations in order to find a counting order or a 1,2,3 etc. I know that I have found something that gives me a pattern when I process the sequence and get a countable integers because I know what the next element in the sequence is when I put the process in reverse. So, theoretically it should be possible to write a pattern finding machine that given operations can compute the solution set and then process a sequence through all the function possibilities until it obtains a function that holds the pattern. The func in the solution set will take the elements of the sequence and return 1,2,3.. etc. And then the inverse function should be the equation that matches the pattern. Makes me what to write that program. 6:02 PM You know, after being in front of all the other computer screens today... 3 hours here 2 hours there.. I come home to mine. And I feel different about it. I think that's because I am master of it's domain. I'm not just sitting at someone elses machine making a petty attempt to 'make it my own' I can breath at home and on my machine. The feeling of comfort is quite strange actually. 7:13 PM nice to be done with the movie aspect of the night so soon. v 9:19 PM By the good grace of my well discipled life style I have granted myself approximately 2 hours of useful time before bed. And no immediate thing to do. So the quesetion is... do I do more homework or tend to my own endeavors? 10:01 PM I seem to have choosen to spend the time typing to friends and compiling GNU Typist. Go figure.


V Day? Mov: No Idea

February 14, 2007 V Day?

Sometimes the ones where I have no idea what I'm doing at the
beginning actually turn out okay.

It's like D-Day but V-Day. 10:44 PM Haven't gotten to write much. When I'm starting at only 20 minutes left of useful night and I have much more mathematics to tend to I find it difficult to stretch the time. I'm finding that after 60 or so movies I'm begining to think ahead automatically. I've still got to say 'ouch' for actually writing things of substance here. During the time cruch of the week I can't seem to pull myself through even the 'textual' hoops. But hey, there's motion graphics right?


Half Deaf Day

February 13, 2007 Tuesday Half Deaf Day

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I'm lovin the morphing I can do now. The possibilities are so cool. It's quite fun to have this in my movie production arsenal. For those interested the software is by NorrKross at You got mac? Go get this and have fun morphing stuff. Norrkross MorphX
Welcome to half Deaf Day The world seems so different when half of it's sound is dulled. Other things happen. Times when you see someone you once got to interact with ignoring you. The feelings like an anchor, isn't it? I can try to concentrate on making code work. But it's slow going. I sit before my work computer in the middle of my day... and can't make the program recognize the database. Clearly there is much I still do not know about getting moodle code to play nice with databases. I resort to typing up my conscious to maintain my sanity for I still have 80 minutes of work time left before class... and even after that I have another class that runs till 7. No one mans the phones behind me. Which means if I call comes in I have to pick it up. I'd like a job that doesn't require me to do that. Especially, when I don't possess the knowledge required to answer any questions regarding users... yet. I'm sure that if someone could see me now they would notice the gloom in my eyes. I feel it there. As though my eyes themselves were made of lead. It's strange really. It's like all my senses have become deadens to the outside world. And the voice parading about in my head has wrapped himself up in thick layers of static to prevent outside influence. I can lean back staring up at the ceiling. Though I look like I'm pondering some computer code problem.. really right now I can't seem to make the thing work. So I try to clear my mind. So much to clear it of... The oppressing social thoughts. The teacher I have yet to discuss dropping their course. My heart feels driven into a wall at the moment. The whole day got to a bad start with the lack of hearing in my left ear and I'm sure that sound deficit had adverse effects upon all other interactions in the day. 9:06 PM Not a bad movie. Well paced displays what's needed to be seen. I thought it was an all and all good idea to do this follow up in order to continue the trend of 'show effect' then 'show the how to' The movie is a good example of when things work out better than I expect and it didn't take too long.

The bonus extra movie from yesterday. JOy and I send a thanks to ze Frank


A Monday

February 12, 2007 Monday A Monday

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Let's play a game. What is the Open source equivalent to....
==== e mail to my friend Joy Hey Joy, Remember back when I told you about set theory? did you think it would never come in handy? Well, you would be wrong! You can use set theory ideas to preform better searches via Google Suppose you search google for dog you get 318,000,000 hits and you you search for cat You get 419,000,000 hits Those hits are like 'element's in the 'set' of sites that contain dog or cat Suppose you use your superior knowledge of set theory you can use boolean operations. AND, OR, NOT the fundamentals of set theory can help you select out just what you need to get the search results you want. dog OR cat (make sure it's in caps) hits you get... 444,000,000 Whoa, like what if you want dog and NOT cat? So the 'set' of all pages that have dog without cat must be.. 216,000,000 hits Suppose, your curious about people like you whom put stuff on web. If you haven't noticed a lot of folks put 'my' somewhere in those kinds of sites To find home brew pages you might preform a search like dog OR cat OR bird OR pets +my +our +kids +family There you go, people just like you living on the web like mother used to make. Aye. Bizzare stuff and if you think like a set theorist you'll have mad search skillz. -chris --------------------------------------- Ever wanted a complete look at someone? Well, I'm an open book. 5:12 PM I just walked in. And on my walk I saw some police cars zoom by and then a firetruck and then an ambulance all surrounding a dead body in the street. Well, it was covered. But I'm sure it was a dead body. What are my thoughts you ask? I wonder who it was. I bet it will be in the paper later. 5:15 PM It's getting around that I do a movie everyday. Zara brought it up. Lizzie had told her. Ben was the last to bring it up. I always respond with a ".. uh yeah so far since Jan 1 2007" Still going. On that note... Movietizing I can not Bring myself to stop. Movietizing Even when I want to So I can sleep But I do. this to sleep. better knowing I have done What I set out to do Everyday. [from notes on Feb. 6] 5:26 PM I do not believe that the power of independent media has been fully realized. I want to hear from that helocopiter pilot whom describes his everyday ritual of tack off and checks with poetic symbology. I want to hear from that guy whom is out in the middle of another country discussing why he lives out in the middle of no where and how he does it. 8:25 PM In retro. As in using my retrospecticals the day wasn't that bad. In fact, it genearly involed doing things with other people near by. That would include the current moment. I'm working on my homework and she is working on hers. My movie was short but sweet. And uploads fast. Only problem is the image in my side bar isn't showing up. Dang.


Untitled Again

February 11, 2007 Sunday 8:36 PM Untitled Again

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8:40 PM If a night does not have consecutive sleep. I really feel it. eh, the gym work out is probabily going to be felt for the rest of the week. Ugh. I'm calling this a night and capping off today. .... I suppose I didn't really 'think' today. Not the genearly sense. Not in the usual 'chris thinks' sort of way. I'm sure I'd have an idea to put here. I've been thinking about what remains of a day. Once I've lived it. And I think it's the idea that remains. Whatever idea or formed memory lasts. That is what made the day. Least, that's what I've figured. So, I strive a bit more to put the idea down.


Scatter Thought

February 10, 2007 Saturday 8:18 AM Scatter Thought

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Focus? I awoke. The entry writing itself in my head. I was going to get up. Today. On a Saturday at 8:15 AM (And I did) For whatever reason my body woke up. And I noted a slight illness. But my mind seemed to climb into thoughts about the adverse effects of my new job. Perhaps adverse isn't the right word. Perhaps, side effects is the term I should use. For it would seem that I'm slowling coming into becoming a fellow whom will spend consequtive hours patiently working out those computer issues I never really took the time to figure out. Perhaps it is too soon to tell but I do know that I got up thinking of all those things I had not done. Learn make files Figure config files read the bash shell man page Compile iMovie Plug-in's learn the dependencies one by one for compiling... blender jahshaka ? Perhaps a differen't one? Python Blender API css style sheets xml There is so much to know. And I should have, by all means done these things already. Apparnlty, I just have never taught myself the patiences and focus to sit down in consequtive hours and work on them. Apparently, I needed a new 15 hour job to teach me that skill of focus. 8:20 AM "Doing movies everyday is easy. Doing them well... that's hard." ... I did have a dream that featured some sort of editing program. Perhaps that was it. 9:06 AM my image broke and never came back. I know not why. 10:18 AM 1:28 AM BEST thing of the day so far. Dude I can do Morphs!! 1:00 PM You know, words are by fiat. Suppose, all dictionarys of all the world suddenly disappeared. The rubic by which some standard 'meaning' is measured is gone. Websters dead. .... Who's definition do we use? 1:46PM I have a chance to lay back. I lay on my bed staring up at the light on the white patterned walls. And I think.... each second of a day off is like a fragment of icing. 1:51 PM Hey wait a minute. I just realized that because humans can talk. We can insult all the other animals now. I mean, that's such a privilage. And they don't even know where doing it. "Like, hey Octopus your all wet. Ya octopus" ha ha. [this dialogue is better in person] I mean, what do you think an animal would give to be able to cus out it's predator once it was safe in the tree? 2:41 PM I'd like to reach a day when someone says one of their favorite lines from one of my movies is, "This is the last time I let a genetic algorithm mow my lawn" 4:59 PM What is it to know absolute truth? Can you? Can you know 'exactly' what happened today? What might that change about the way you handle the world and your life? "You would have gods eyes." 5:00 PM Position data can be forged. Video data is hard to forge. 5:07 PM 9:43 PM I seem to be having trouble concentrating on what I have to do. MMmmmm.


Mov: Filming Fridays?

February 9, 2007 Friday 9:58 PM Mov: Filming Fridays?

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Shot 2 Fridays ago edited today, I attempt my first on campus 'live' deal. Yet, is it really live if no one else is around to experience and interact with it?
I have quite a bit of work laid out for me for the weekend don't I? Getting started usualy means laying out all the materials in a row and making mental notes about priority of items. Surely, there is enough time (should I care to focus) to do it all and then some? Right? Course. Besides, I managed through yet ANOTHER week in which I have made a movie everyday. Though, perhaps I have fumbled on a couple and not all all really up to snuff. I'm maintainging the drive to do them. Building the disciple to accomplish. Building the mindset to succeed. And other encouraging words like that. I need to get myself more organized. I've gotten used to the form fill outs for on line submitions but I don't have a solid back up and restore system where I can replace all files and links after a complete shut down. [Images exist but hosting does not]


My Image?

February 8, 2007 Thursday 11:56 PM My Image?

I have the ability to reproduce an image of myself using the means granted to me by other organizations. The resources of which I utilize to create a place where my advocated ideas rest. A place which can be seen by others and which can allow me to exert influence beyond that in which I can in everyday human interaction. In order to continue to present this 'image' of myself... A part of my day must be devoted to 'sitting and typing' out the ideas for which I perceive as useful to have at the time. In doing so, I have created a sort of self constructed time line. One in which, knowingly or unknowingly I have biased the events, activities and ideas that I would care to remember by encoding them into this time line of thought. Is it then possible that without thought I have published a biased and 'ideal version' of myself in which I would even have convinced myself that I am what I have written? Perhaps, I am fooling myself into thinking things that are not true and the self induced feedback that I receive by re walking the events I have written are skewing my perspective on reality. So much so, that I am increasingly seeing the world through a 'personalized' lens. The effect of which lies as an unknown inside and outside my life. Unknowingly and unconsciously I have propagated this image without thinking... could it or should it be remedy? 11:56 PM Well, I did tend to a math presentation from a women from Prinston.
The movie wasn't really edited. Just a message from joy. She forgot to mention the plug for... Expanding your Horizons Network


Between Dead and Awake

February 7, 2007 Wednesday 7:22 PM Between Dead and Awake

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Random CG clips that collect on my harddrive. Once again I purge my harddrive of them to make room for better things.
If I was a land mass. You would look at me and think I was war torn. My features, sawed down from the barren hot sands of the parced social envirnment. I'd love to revert myself back a ways so that I could once again breath, walk and talk as though I see no one. That would be lovely. That former version of Chris had it's advantages. My limbs tire and my heart flops down and my whole frame is slowly lowering as if wounded from the days of the week. The toiling never stops and the drain is ceaseless in it's thirst for my life force. .... Dang. I get poetic when I feel bad don't I? ... 9:03 PM It's a strange place to be between tired and awake.


The Feel of a Shot

February 6, 2007 Tuesday 7:13 PM The Feel of a Shot

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What is the difference between... EXT. FIELD - DAY MALE walks to or away from camera. ANd INT. HALLWAY - DAY MALE walks to or away from camera. What sort of feel do you get from the same basic information? 7:27 PM eat and watch 8ish 8:41 PM finished Comp Theory Homework 41 min Not bad Now starting Sci Paper (again) 9:03 PM 22 min for the rewrite.. not bad break I've overestimated how long I would have to work on things so far. I should really make a study plan for the week. And time all movie production activities. 9:44 PM 10:44 PM Eh, I think I found out all the POLI SCI stuff I needed. That helps. Just ran out of time for the notes though. For Gender Comm.


Knock Out Juice

February 5, 2007 Monday Knock Out Juice

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During COMM 108 I recorded myself presenting in all it's ultra fast and slurred glory.
Think about this. It's possible for someone off the street to enter a public library and set up a blog account. That same person can set up a donation system and receive money via the net. Has anyone been doing that out there? Wouldn't they have an interesting story to tell? Last consecutive movies... It's a New Year Jan 1 2007 For Pet Lovers Jan 2, 2007 Meet Jackie Jan 3 2007 Saving Memory Jan 4 Video Overlay Jan 5 2007 Into the Past Jan 6 Movie Texture Change of Perspective Digital Addiction Devil Sync Irony Cold, Codecs and Color Color Animation Liz in Brief Jan 9 2007 Intermission Hey... Intermission I have no Net Movie Notes Handy Volume Router Rumble Google Search Just and Announcment Intermission Ugh Intermission On Weekends The Female Effect Poetic Thought Poetic Thought Re-Thought Joy And I (sitting and talking) What Learned Intermission I made it... Intermission Another Week... 5:29 PM Whoa. I'm developing cold like symtomps. Ack. Least I did my presenation and that is down. I really should have cut out some text from that. What remains of a day after you have lived it? ... I've developed a headache and I still have one last event of the day. Someone maybe coming over to see the place. .... different note. I thought about this while I walked about here and there. Suppose, there exists and ultra caution person whom decided to record any and all words spoken too him. Under current law that person would still have to get permission from all subjects whom address him. But does that person have the right to say you can't talk to me if you won't let me record what you say to me? Or does the right of the person talking over power the persons right to remember everything ever said to him? The conflict of interest is very interesting. 9:20 PM Whoa. I'd be more able to do my homework if the liquid Tylenal wasn't knocking me out. Whoa.


The Gym

February 4, 2007 Sunday 11:21 AM The Gym

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I pulled out some CG clips for this one.
What is the lightest weight hotair powered balloon one could make? Could I pressureize a sphere and place a lightweight eletric heater in the middle? And regulation values along the top with solar gen on the outside? Or perhpas, A solar heated ballon with clear envelope and a mylar furance. As soon as conditions were right it would heat it self and float? If I think I want an airship that can be a glider and float in water I"ll design differently than if I think of a boat that I can fly in the air. Which would I go with if I realize that many countires do not give permission to be in their air space. And woudl air space really be airspace if I just flew a few stories above the ground? Could their be benefits to keeping low anyway? Could it be that the only Helium in the atmosphere is that generated by the alpha radiation of radiative decay? 7:39 PM They were big guys. I don't mean in size but in muscle strength. Refined muscles I suppose. And I was the smallest of the lot. I don't recall even thinking I was in the lot. The gym was large and air conditionsed. The day was nice with a coolish temperature and blue cirrus studded skies. I wanted to just keep walking about outside. I wanted to leave my homework alone and just enjoy the day. ... I tired for a little while. But I would have to cut it all short. At least the time I was out I got to talk to someone I just happened to meet out there by chance. I was walking across the field when I noticed a girl with red and purple hair. A vague recollective feeling came over me.... I knew this person... Didn't I? I quikly swiveld to see if anyother person was around. No one. She waved at me. She was waving at 'me'. And I walked closer. It was Lizzie. Someone whom I had only spoken to and seen on 2 prior occasions. I sat down on the cement shelf with her. And so we talked about many things. I commented on the sky and the clouds. I told her how I was walking back from the gym. She told me the story behidn her damaged cell phone. And her old pin collection. Towards the end I brought up the possibility of hanging out during the week. I think we both agreed that woudl be cool. But it looked like we both have very busy schedules. So we'll see. We'll see.


So What?

February 3, 2007 Saturday 12:48 PM So What?

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I made it through another week. Let's hope the roll continues.
9:43 PM I thought I had explained it well. The analog between Newtons laws the equations and all other theories. That explained the universe. I had metaphor. I had term. I had wavy hand motions. I had physicalized examples. I had triangles dang it. But what I didn't have was a way to make that knowledge benefical to someones life as they themselves live it. I began to explore the So What? Response exposed by so many uncerain learners to would be teachers. How does 'this' information apply to me? That is probabily the single best and at the the same times worst question to ask. So legitimate yet so profoundling difficult to get to the root of. Yes. Why exactly is the stuff I know and care about.. or more so Could the stuff I have spent my days figuring out really be of any consequenceal use to you? Should I even hope there is a way? Or would I merely be pasting over your notions of this or that with contrived conceptual examples that still will not be effectivly utilized in your life. What should 'I' do? How can I understand why someone would 'want' to do this? Can't I recommend that the real value is the application that the learner brings to the idea? Can I say to the disgruntaled math student that wants to know 'why?' That the great constructions of the centries. The great palances of theories that have explained everything from the simplest atoms to the vastness of the universe were mere contrived applications of mathematics that they took upon them selves to answer the 'why?' with a reply of wonderfully complicated yet useful repsentations of reality via math? Surely, these people asked 'why?' But they asked it not in a defiant way. Not in a 'Why? do I need something I'm never going to use?" way. But a way in which case they spent years of their lives trying to answer. Their answers to this 'Why' Question were marvelous examples of the human endeaver to produce order from chaotic observation. Why? is a good question to ask but only if one is really intersted in application. And the degree to which they move through their ramifications of the answer distalls the chaff popluance from the grain. The who's who of the world is decided everyday. What decision can someone make in order to succeed where all the rest fail? But even all this is a messy way to beat around the issue I thought about. I want to know why some folk 'want' certain things and others do not. I can understand some people will 'never' do this by preference. But I want to know how those preferences got that way. And if I did... would I then know why or how those preferences could change or be changed? It's all a mess I suppose. It's messy to me to see people flounder through discussions real time. Jurys leave to confir. Why can't more peopel more often removed themselves from situations in order to really contemplate the ideas brought up? Must I be doomed to be called a fool, a coward or a traiter for wanting to handle 'conversation ideas' on my own elsewhere? I thought I was doing people a favor by settling down by myself and recaping the toils of the talks in which I could then more readily and more easiy confer with the experiences of my life so that next time I grace the topic I'll have a 'well thought out' response. We need more of those in the world. My space bar is getting stuck. Dang. I hit it too hard I guess.
Images from the week. I spend 15 hours of my week looking at code. I'm getting used to it. Though this is an older picture.... I thought it conveyed the idea. Joy and I enjoyed making movies during the week despite the busy schedule. She's a part of why I was still able to make one every day of the week. A shot from the Jackie Interlude in which I explained Standard Deviation to her in terms she could understand which apparenlty were not the same terms her teacher used. Her sister Shell came home after we both walked there talking about stats and other assorted things.


Sacred Stage

February 2, 2007 Friday 7:23 PM Sacred Stage

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I'm talking to myself again. Why is it that I can't remember what I learned today? I'm in college. Doesn't... nay.. shouldn't that make a difference?
She said it so... matter of fact. As though I was expected to come for some sort of dinner I didn't recall ever knowing about. I was taken a back by it. ... Earlier in the day. After COMM 108 the professor mentions the coldness of the camera lens. The way people can be thrown off when they see themselves on tape. And I recall hearing something similar something about how the camera and the screen 'don't capture' the real moment or the real action. Caswell said something about that years ago. And from both of these reactions, the one of present day and the one of past, I draw the conclusion that drama-types of ages old seem to hold similar ideals. 1. That the screen isn't the scene on the stage. 2. Life performances are sacred. I wondered about it on the walk home. I thought about whether I believed it or not. I realized that I am the creator, director, cinematographer, editor and performer. And that I have ultimate control over every pixel, every sound byte and every image that crosses the viewers screen. I realized I had a lot of power as that person made up of all the roles. And then I noted... that actors, like pawns on a giant drama board don't have full control.. once the stage becomes the screen. And I realized that perhaps they felt their domain in jeopardy as they made one final statement, one last stand to the effect that the believed in the Sacredness of the Stage Performance. I on the other hand prefer my realm of motion control, image manipulation and cutting talents. I don't merely move to the side and pretend things are there. I can make things there or pick and choose what I want to emphasis in the given moment. Or perhaps, I choose to let the visuals to the mind. May the art of illusion sink in metaphorically to the viewer to the audience through the thin veil of the screen. CHANGE of NOTE PSCI 110 Though reading a book is the assignment. The task is to pull from it how institutions function and cross reference with concepts in another book. Though reading will take hours. Perhaps the real task can be made much much shorter. And so I can still pull of the assignment with out breaking my time bank. 9:14 PM I'm loving the InkScape these days. I really do. .. 9:28 PM I hope I didn't just accidently overdose on vitamin tablet. I took one than thought for a moment that I had taken one earlier. But I can't remember if I did or not. So now I'm hoping I didn't I'd prefer not to die from iron poisioning. ... hmmp acording to my research I'll know around 3 am tonight. mmmm let me do some math to see if I"m in for some trouble... From container... 1 table 18mg if I accidnelty had 2 that makes 36 mg a site tells me... "Toxic effects begin to occur at doses above 10-20 mg/kg of elemental iron. Ingestions of more than 50 mg/kg of elemental iron are associated with severe toxicity." What does mg per kg mean? I know I weigh 65 kg does that mean 36 mg / 65 kg or .55 mg/kg??? If that is what it means I'm prob. fine. Besides I don't even remember if I took two. I swear I didn't. Didn't I? ... eh, paranoia. I'm most likely fine. Joy tells me.


Buttons All Day

February 1, 2007 Thursday Buttons All Day

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Joy and I hang out. There is much jump cutting and a feet. It's a laugh for us. Don't know what it will be for others.
Though I wound up returning to campus to work on VB programs for 2 hours the Jackie interlude of the day was very nice. I got a chance to explain Standard Deviation. And she was very receptive. And I was only about to talk down to a resturnt and perhaps a book store but instead I walked with her. And talked. I thought of a phone parody in which case I'm 'afriad of the phone' but it's taken to an extreme. My hit count varys wildly apparently. And though I'm home I have no time to think. I lost what I was thinking about earlier too. All this mess is very inefficient. Though I am do with the movie at 9:09 PM And I have 2 hours to fix things. Not as bad as I thought. But then I want to watch Brisco.... but I'll have to have will power. Blaw.


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