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Between Dead and Awake

February 7, 2007 Wednesday 7:22 PM Between Dead and Awake

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Random CG clips that collect on my harddrive. Once again I purge my harddrive of them to make room for better things.
If I was a land mass. You would look at me and think I was war torn. My features, sawed down from the barren hot sands of the parced social envirnment. I'd love to revert myself back a ways so that I could once again breath, walk and talk as though I see no one. That would be lovely. That former version of Chris had it's advantages. My limbs tire and my heart flops down and my whole frame is slowly lowering as if wounded from the days of the week. The toiling never stops and the drain is ceaseless in it's thirst for my life force. .... Dang. I get poetic when I feel bad don't I? ... 9:03 PM It's a strange place to be between tired and awake.

1 comment:

Viannah said...

Wow! You ARE poetic. Seriously. You should write some... poems... or something.

Also, I like the tron sea stars.


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