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February 1, 2007 Thursday Buttons All Day

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Joy and I hang out. There is much jump cutting and a feet. It's a laugh for us. Don't know what it will be for others.
Though I wound up returning to campus to work on VB programs for 2 hours the Jackie interlude of the day was very nice. I got a chance to explain Standard Deviation. And she was very receptive. And I was only about to talk down to a resturnt and perhaps a book store but instead I walked with her. And talked. I thought of a phone parody in which case I'm 'afriad of the phone' but it's taken to an extreme. My hit count varys wildly apparently. And though I'm home I have no time to think. I lost what I was thinking about earlier too. All this mess is very inefficient. Though I am do with the movie at 9:09 PM And I have 2 hours to fix things. Not as bad as I thought. But then I want to watch Brisco.... but I'll have to have will power. Blaw.

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