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A Day *sigh

February 27, 2007 Tuesday A Day *sigh

It's one of those days where the mood is what it is and you can't change it.
Strange, I lie down somewhere and people suddenly notice me. Liz and Marrian. <-- had not seen since Summer Phil I encountered Karie! for the first time in person since I ran out of that lab that one day. It turned out she was the one helping me. She invited me to something Saturday. And I feel obliged to go. It was pretty amazing to suddenly be like ... Whoa she is right there after I was the one asking about Karie. We had only e mailed back and forth. I did not see the play tonight. Squiggy from work helped me get a shot in the Depo (campus food place) I walk by the art office trying to see if Marie is at the desk... And completely pass Marie as she is the one 'standing' there not at the desk but in front of it. It was a whoa Marie! It was how I was looking for. I had 2 sandwitches today. One I ate near Zara at lunch. Another for dinner that someone with a Penguin hat made for me. Oh yeah, I walk in on Ben in the pro editing room of the theathre arts building. Very pro. It was good to see him in that sort of envirnment. -- notes from lab -------------------------------------------------------- Idea Matters -naming convention plays on the Idea's Matter to matter as a substance more like 'ideas have substance' If the movies are more exploring the world of ideas. Then it doesn't matter so much that I do not see images of the day. For they are not of the day. The universe of possibilities for thought extend past daily bounds. The Long walk to SSR .. other notes in the notes for today. The keyboard sound typing thing.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ... It's hard when I feel under tension. All the little annoyances of cold and wetness. Wallet getting stuck in jeans. Weight of the back pack, and the akward encounters with people make the day annoying. It's maddening to me. I like to feel freer and allowed to walk about but not with the weight of the world on my back. I can cut my day together. I have enough variety. I'm sure it would be at least a little interesting. The Wily Web All I really want is an Open Source version of Cam Studio But for the mac. 10:31 PM Though my day is just about over... I have to make mention of some writing ideas... The 'Real' Turing Test It's really going on. The whole fake your human gig is big business out on the net where agents spam blogs, mail accounts and sign up for web space. How will you prove they 'aren't' human? IM bots and SL Robots too? The real battle for humanistic intelligetns (least the kind that can sign up for net deals) rages on over the net. Coordinate Truth History is interped not remembed. It's not the truth it's an approximation or more so, a constructed reality of what you wanted the past to be... more than what it was. How do we prevent the propoganda abuse of historic spin on the past? Perhaps a more perfect record would settle the dispute once and for all. You can spin old footage or write about events how you choose but you can not forge the coordinates that once graced time and space. If you record enough could you hit the cosmic replay button? And take a walk through what life was like Circa 2006? Pause and replay a day as You pleased? Who could run from absolute truth frozen in time. The Long walk to SSR I never told my SSR (Sustained Silent REading) teacher that I thought she was worth the long walk to the gym all 4 years of High School. I should now. I should tell the story about finding myself trucking it all the way down to the gym on the 'other' end of campus just to read books... but it turned out to be more when she showed the vagues of intrest in actualy mentoring the SSR class. Her talks made the long would worth it as I once remarked on why I made the trek down to the gym and how I came to appreciate it. Idea Matters It's the thought that counts. But is it? How have ideas shaped the world? Have they really lead people into actions? Does philosphy really have an impact? What is the real work of a thinker and why might it be a good idea to be one? Can one make a living thinking? It's one of those days where the mood is what it is and you can't change it.

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