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The Feel of a Shot

February 6, 2007 Tuesday 7:13 PM The Feel of a Shot

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What is the difference between... EXT. FIELD - DAY MALE walks to or away from camera. ANd INT. HALLWAY - DAY MALE walks to or away from camera. What sort of feel do you get from the same basic information? 7:27 PM eat and watch 8ish 8:41 PM finished Comp Theory Homework 41 min Not bad Now starting Sci Paper (again) 9:03 PM 22 min for the rewrite.. not bad break I've overestimated how long I would have to work on things so far. I should really make a study plan for the week. And time all movie production activities. 9:44 PM 10:44 PM Eh, I think I found out all the POLI SCI stuff I needed. That helps. Just ran out of time for the notes though. For Gender Comm.

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Dad said...

That's a good point when writing a script that will become a movie.

Let's say a GREAT movie like
HELLBOY: SWORD OF STORMS which went on sale February 6 and is chock full of extras and even a COMIC BOOK!

What a great deal!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, Chris. So, um, how y'doin'?



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