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Giant Intermission

February 26, 2007 Monday 4:16 PM Giant Intermission

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It's one giant intermission.
I'm no dramatist. Least not a fanatic as some are. I don't really 'want' to get inside a charactor. It's why I can't become a good director I suppose. But I don't really aspire to fufil the complete human element. I'm not a dramatist fanatic. I can't understand their motive behind their excitment. I mean, I sort of get the utility but it's a bit too much for me at times. .... I am aware that decisions will eventually be made in the future that will bend my life one way or another. And while I can not know how others will take those choices I know that they will come and then they will pass as waves do on the beach. .... I am so tired of the lack of a good OS X screen capture I'm starting to read through the mac graphics API's. ... I think over whemlingly though. It seems to me that everything "I" do in a group is wrong. I get criticized for this and that. And I hate it. 7:55 PM How is it that I can still feel this way? What gives? I mean, c'mon. things were just 'felt' better in the past. I notice the difference so much that I try to remember and re-grasp the thing and yet I am unable to retrive the feeling.


DWDAD said...

I use a fine OS screen capture but it's not open source. You actually have to pay for it. What are you looking for in a screen capture utility?

Sirhc Senots said...

I'm looking for an open source version of camstudio for Mac OS X
that actually 'displays' the cursor and doesn't run so slow it messes up the image.


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