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The Gym

February 4, 2007 Sunday 11:21 AM The Gym

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What is the lightest weight hotair powered balloon one could make? Could I pressureize a sphere and place a lightweight eletric heater in the middle? And regulation values along the top with solar gen on the outside? Or perhpas, A solar heated ballon with clear envelope and a mylar furance. As soon as conditions were right it would heat it self and float? If I think I want an airship that can be a glider and float in water I"ll design differently than if I think of a boat that I can fly in the air. Which would I go with if I realize that many countires do not give permission to be in their air space. And woudl air space really be airspace if I just flew a few stories above the ground? Could their be benefits to keeping low anyway? Could it be that the only Helium in the atmosphere is that generated by the alpha radiation of radiative decay? 7:39 PM They were big guys. I don't mean in size but in muscle strength. Refined muscles I suppose. And I was the smallest of the lot. I don't recall even thinking I was in the lot. The gym was large and air conditionsed. The day was nice with a coolish temperature and blue cirrus studded skies. I wanted to just keep walking about outside. I wanted to leave my homework alone and just enjoy the day. ... I tired for a little while. But I would have to cut it all short. At least the time I was out I got to talk to someone I just happened to meet out there by chance. I was walking across the field when I noticed a girl with red and purple hair. A vague recollective feeling came over me.... I knew this person... Didn't I? I quikly swiveld to see if anyother person was around. No one. She waved at me. She was waving at 'me'. And I walked closer. It was Lizzie. Someone whom I had only spoken to and seen on 2 prior occasions. I sat down on the cement shelf with her. And so we talked about many things. I commented on the sky and the clouds. I told her how I was walking back from the gym. She told me the story behidn her damaged cell phone. And her old pin collection. Towards the end I brought up the possibility of hanging out during the week. I think we both agreed that woudl be cool. But it looked like we both have very busy schedules. So we'll see. We'll see.

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