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Half Deaf Day

February 13, 2007 Tuesday Half Deaf Day

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I'm lovin the morphing I can do now. The possibilities are so cool. It's quite fun to have this in my movie production arsenal. For those interested the software is by NorrKross at You got mac? Go get this and have fun morphing stuff. Norrkross MorphX
Welcome to half Deaf Day The world seems so different when half of it's sound is dulled. Other things happen. Times when you see someone you once got to interact with ignoring you. The feelings like an anchor, isn't it? I can try to concentrate on making code work. But it's slow going. I sit before my work computer in the middle of my day... and can't make the program recognize the database. Clearly there is much I still do not know about getting moodle code to play nice with databases. I resort to typing up my conscious to maintain my sanity for I still have 80 minutes of work time left before class... and even after that I have another class that runs till 7. No one mans the phones behind me. Which means if I call comes in I have to pick it up. I'd like a job that doesn't require me to do that. Especially, when I don't possess the knowledge required to answer any questions regarding users... yet. I'm sure that if someone could see me now they would notice the gloom in my eyes. I feel it there. As though my eyes themselves were made of lead. It's strange really. It's like all my senses have become deadens to the outside world. And the voice parading about in my head has wrapped himself up in thick layers of static to prevent outside influence. I can lean back staring up at the ceiling. Though I look like I'm pondering some computer code problem.. really right now I can't seem to make the thing work. So I try to clear my mind. So much to clear it of... The oppressing social thoughts. The teacher I have yet to discuss dropping their course. My heart feels driven into a wall at the moment. The whole day got to a bad start with the lack of hearing in my left ear and I'm sure that sound deficit had adverse effects upon all other interactions in the day. 9:06 PM Not a bad movie. Well paced displays what's needed to be seen. I thought it was an all and all good idea to do this follow up in order to continue the trend of 'show effect' then 'show the how to' The movie is a good example of when things work out better than I expect and it didn't take too long.

The bonus extra movie from yesterday. JOy and I send a thanks to ze Frank


Dad said...

What to morph? I can't believe you didn't try the obvious. Aren't there park rangers nearby?

Yes, rangers would make a mighty morph.
That's the power of open source.


Joy said...

your dad is right.... you should morph some rangers!


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