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Hope for the World

February 22, 2007 Thrusday 7:41 PM Hope for the World

Gotta do commentary it's the best part about doing movies

everyday. I just wish the mic hadn't kept dying.

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GNU Cash I seem to have forgotten the role of GNU cash though I think there is a simplier program to fit my purposes. I remember my ideas about accounting software and how I wanted a more graphical representation. Course, then again I think I have forgotten all the dependent librarys of blender. I was particular fasinatined in examining the physics engine. And now that I think about it, I don't know where the fluid sim code lies. OpenAL They follow the naming conventionof the ever popular OpenGL Though OpenIL shared a re-naming fate after someone compliend with that big legal talk. I do not know the story but I do know they had to rename to DevIL Clever but I'm not sure I think of Devil's when I think Image processing. wxWidgets Formaly know as wxWindows (MicroShaft told them off) They are the cross platform GUI guys. That means computer application face lift for all OS's Still don't know what I'm talking about? Check this out. No matter what your OS wxWidgets can make your program 'look' like it belongs there. I've managed to compile stuff in the past. Though I didn't know what I was doing.. so I suppose now that I have much more paticents and skill I could get the thing working.... I think. ... as far as today... Today, it hail very hard for about 1/2 hour. And if only I had my camera I could have shown you rivers of water moving ice away. It looked like snow because everything was thickly covered in ice. It was amazing. Though it got me cold and wet and I had to stay on campus because I had to rehearse a scene with someone. 9:38 PM

"The existance of the net is the only reason I think there is still some hope for the world"

It's a place where the people of the world can meet each other free from the 'governments' of the world. A place without the borders. A common ground for the common wealth of humanity. It is only via the net that the conversations for healing will find a place to live. But the work of the change has to begin with the realization of the necessity. And let a new wave a 'parallel' journalism take hold the world over. Let the exposure of truth be the first victory for the world. Let everyone take their arms (their cameras, and recorders) and show us... all of us what the world really is. So that we may see where to place are first steps on it's new terrian.

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