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Horrible Saturday

February 17, 2007 Saturday Horrible Saturday 

Another intermission.
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Typing on the weekends just makes sense. Cousre I need to pull myself back into my school work. That's a sad thing. Not before I make a few notes though. Poor predictable society. Oh well. Bikini News (go figure) ? cool page, makes me want to play Zelda again ZreoMusic Shadow Think When I'm feeling angry When I walk out side in rage I tend to get poetic As though I'm on mind stage Verse and text pour from me As though I'm made of glass My thoughts transparent through This soft and billow mast On winds that take me no where I stand to see what see A place I can not walk to A place you can't bother me And once I get there I'll be alone Refugee from all the world In palace and or broken tomb As nothing but my home From my lair I can find A place where I can think And watch the world temp time As watches walk the week I free verse all my neurons The ones that wink and blink The'll spew poems as fast as mind speed The speed at which I speak For rhythm flows from in me At break neck speed indeed I hardly stop to think it I hardly feel the need If you ever wonder how it is I do this bashy thing You needn't look no further I'll take you on my wing I'll tell you it's a mind set Somethings I often play When feelings are erupting Beneath my shadow way It's easy spelling out My tatters tired and tornage when poem is the language of my shadow day time thoughts -chris [5:21 PM Sat Feb. 17 2007] ..... .... 7:10 PM Life in LaTex is quite interesting. I'm gradually picking up on it. 11:43 PM

"I can not walk to the place I want to be, I have to build it"

This day got worse and worse. It's been hell. And more. See later movies for detials.

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