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Intermission 14

February 18, 2007 Sunday 12:57 PM Intermission 14

It's strange how some scribbled course notes are so helpful to me. Blender 2.43 finally came out. But I can't get at it yet due to everyone else in teh blender universe downloading and visiting the sites. Pretty Opening page of the MagLev Demonstration at MIT I browsed the tabs until I found... Movies of the thing in action! Smart MIT analysis I can see I have a long way to go before my research methods can rival the MIT guys. Yikes. I do pick up a few concepts from the thing. Namely, the necessity of linear ness for control of a system. And the whole working the 'air space' thing into the equations to make the realization feasible. But I have to say 'wow' in caps at the ingenuity of the thing. I think the world is also under a 2.5 CC Lincense. So that makes it possible for me to talk about the whole thing. So long as it's not for profit. Yi Xie's thesis Credits for the thing The majority of the content of this site is derived or taken directly from the thesis submitted by Yi Xie for the Master of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, under the supervision of Professor David Trumper of the Mechanical Engineering department. Web site layout, text and some graphics by Ross Hatton. The plant hardware was originally built by James Sanders, Tiep Nguen and Michael Queen at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. OpenCourseWare materials are licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology I had the headache but I went to the gym and to meeting with the group for the Amer. Gov. And then after I went to *** in which I talked over some things. Apparently I don't know how to have a conversation.

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