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Intermission 15

February 24, 2007 Saturday 12:23 PM

It's a code world.

Air Muscles. Air Mucles from Shadow Robot Company. Quite clever. I can see the use. I can see how much more effective and easy it is to use the things. You could even have a tank of pressured air and just let air flow when you need it. And have a controled release value. The main tank can have it's on compressior but it's not necessary depending on the application. I can program simlutions with this sort of actualator in mind. Some of the things even look and approx. the human arm. Robotic Arm I should be saying "what do I need to do to work for you guys?" 4:27 PM Lib SDL It's the back bone behind many many cross platform programs. 3:33 PM Very intersting. Structure of Relations at a School What is up with that huge one in the corner? It's interesting to imagine the story lines behind some of those structures. (Like the female 4 guys star.) The SDL project is like a rosetta stone for software platforms. They have builds for many many platforms so just reading through the set up files can really open your eyes to what you need for different systems. 4:52 PM I have managed to compile from source. I did not know of autoconf 5:20 PM I think a move to more information relevant editing is possible. PiTiVi(very new?) Intersting. 5:54 PM Why do people even bother putting Xcode projects into source releaseas? When 'EVERYTIME' it breaks because Xcode remembers the link structure of the machine it came from. 6:09 PM Totally forgot I had built the Xvid Code from source already. I realized it right before I was going to compile again. And I still don't know what to do with the thing though. 8:47 PM I am sad. When I think about the fact I am away from her. When I think about how long it could be before I see her again. I am sad. It's hard to shake those feelings that feast on the lonely indoors. It's hard to shake that feeling that hounds my insides when I begin to realize certain truths about my life. I realize no one I know will remain. I realize life is always in flux, and that times are only times for so long. The ebs and flows of the thing or indeterminate as far as my mental capacity can discern despite the great rush of physical determinism that the society of law would dictate. I understand change is change. I wonder if this was early on for Josh Leo. Josh Leo First Rant

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