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Intermission 16

February 25, 2007 Sunday Intermission 16

I hate it when...
So, that's would it would have looked like on tv at the time. Whoa there Group projects are not my forte. Least, I find it annoying that the lack of formal order creates power struggles both overt and inferential. I hate the struggle of communication and whole heartedly wish there were means to freeze time and examine the underlying problems inherent in attempts to broadcast ideas in a group. I can not even fathom an analysis of the dang thing. I hate it when I come off as something that I would hope to god I was not. I would hate to come off as that person whom doesn't do the work in the group. I wish I could explain out that fact that given items for production were not possible from my sources. I have a feeling that the preception of myself is one of the lessor of the entire group. Neverminding the fact I try. Neverminding the fact ideas I bring aren't always accepted and that may quickly be forgotten. Neverminding, it all. It bothers me when perceptions don't match reality in my opinion.

"It bothers me when perceptions don't match reality in my opinion."

8:15 PM I spent much of the day annoyed by things. Somehow, I need to relax. Somehow I need to breath again. How did it get this way? I ask. 10:19 PM I guess I've just been grumbling to myself all day. Not putting in enough effort. Just too much negativity. I'll have to stop thinking. I should hope that people understand the distinction between my writing and my journal.

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