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Knock Out Juice

February 5, 2007 Monday Knock Out Juice

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During COMM 108 I recorded myself presenting in all it's ultra fast and slurred glory.
Think about this. It's possible for someone off the street to enter a public library and set up a blog account. That same person can set up a donation system and receive money via the net. Has anyone been doing that out there? Wouldn't they have an interesting story to tell? Last consecutive movies... It's a New Year Jan 1 2007 For Pet Lovers Jan 2, 2007 Meet Jackie Jan 3 2007 Saving Memory Jan 4 Video Overlay Jan 5 2007 Into the Past Jan 6 Movie Texture Change of Perspective Digital Addiction Devil Sync Irony Cold, Codecs and Color Color Animation Liz in Brief Jan 9 2007 Intermission Hey... Intermission I have no Net Movie Notes Handy Volume Router Rumble Google Search Just and Announcment Intermission Ugh Intermission On Weekends The Female Effect Poetic Thought Poetic Thought Re-Thought Joy And I (sitting and talking) What Learned Intermission I made it... Intermission Another Week... 5:29 PM Whoa. I'm developing cold like symtomps. Ack. Least I did my presenation and that is down. I really should have cut out some text from that. What remains of a day after you have lived it? ... I've developed a headache and I still have one last event of the day. Someone maybe coming over to see the place. .... different note. I thought about this while I walked about here and there. Suppose, there exists and ultra caution person whom decided to record any and all words spoken too him. Under current law that person would still have to get permission from all subjects whom address him. But does that person have the right to say you can't talk to me if you won't let me record what you say to me? Or does the right of the person talking over power the persons right to remember everything ever said to him? The conflict of interest is very interesting. 9:20 PM Whoa. I'd be more able to do my homework if the liquid Tylenal wasn't knocking me out. Whoa.

1 comment:

Viannah said...

that was an interesting presentation, but you talk almost to fast to understand.


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