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February 12, 2007 Monday A Monday

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==== e mail to my friend Joy Hey Joy, Remember back when I told you about set theory? did you think it would never come in handy? Well, you would be wrong! You can use set theory ideas to preform better searches via Google Suppose you search google for dog you get 318,000,000 hits and you you search for cat You get 419,000,000 hits Those hits are like 'element's in the 'set' of sites that contain dog or cat Suppose you use your superior knowledge of set theory you can use boolean operations. AND, OR, NOT the fundamentals of set theory can help you select out just what you need to get the search results you want. dog OR cat (make sure it's in caps) hits you get... 444,000,000 Whoa, like what if you want dog and NOT cat? So the 'set' of all pages that have dog without cat must be.. 216,000,000 hits Suppose, your curious about people like you whom put stuff on web. If you haven't noticed a lot of folks put 'my' somewhere in those kinds of sites To find home brew pages you might preform a search like dog OR cat OR bird OR pets +my +our +kids +family There you go, people just like you living on the web like mother used to make. Aye. Bizzare stuff and if you think like a set theorist you'll have mad search skillz. -chris --------------------------------------- Ever wanted a complete look at someone? Well, I'm an open book. 5:12 PM I just walked in. And on my walk I saw some police cars zoom by and then a firetruck and then an ambulance all surrounding a dead body in the street. Well, it was covered. But I'm sure it was a dead body. What are my thoughts you ask? I wonder who it was. I bet it will be in the paper later. 5:15 PM It's getting around that I do a movie everyday. Zara brought it up. Lizzie had told her. Ben was the last to bring it up. I always respond with a ".. uh yeah so far since Jan 1 2007" Still going. On that note... Movietizing I can not Bring myself to stop. Movietizing Even when I want to So I can sleep But I do. this to sleep. better knowing I have done What I set out to do Everyday. [from notes on Feb. 6] 5:26 PM I do not believe that the power of independent media has been fully realized. I want to hear from that helocopiter pilot whom describes his everyday ritual of tack off and checks with poetic symbology. I want to hear from that guy whom is out in the middle of another country discussing why he lives out in the middle of no where and how he does it. 8:25 PM In retro. As in using my retrospecticals the day wasn't that bad. In fact, it genearly involed doing things with other people near by. That would include the current moment. I'm working on my homework and she is working on hers. My movie was short but sweet. And uploads fast. Only problem is the image in my side bar isn't showing up. Dang.

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