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February 9, 2007 Friday 9:58 PM Mov: Filming Fridays?

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Shot 2 Fridays ago edited today, I attempt my first on campus 'live' deal. Yet, is it really live if no one else is around to experience and interact with it?
I have quite a bit of work laid out for me for the weekend don't I? Getting started usualy means laying out all the materials in a row and making mental notes about priority of items. Surely, there is enough time (should I care to focus) to do it all and then some? Right? Course. Besides, I managed through yet ANOTHER week in which I have made a movie everyday. Though, perhaps I have fumbled on a couple and not all all really up to snuff. I'm maintainging the drive to do them. Building the disciple to accomplish. Building the mindset to succeed. And other encouraging words like that. I need to get myself more organized. I've gotten used to the form fill outs for on line submitions but I don't have a solid back up and restore system where I can replace all files and links after a complete shut down. [Images exist but hosting does not]

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