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Movie: Sadie Birds of Past

February 16, 2007 Friday Movie: Sadie Birds of Past

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It is with great honor that I bring the Sadie Movie to the web. I made this movie for my best friend Sadie back when she turned 19. It was a complete surprise for her and even though she shows up in shots she didn't know it was a movie for her. When I watched after all this time I reaffirmed the fact I think she's a great person and decided it needed to be up for everyone to see. For Sadie, Love Chris.
5:23 PM I am back in my room. Thinking about what I have to do now. VB finish Program and put to disk (need lab for that) 309 Checklist and Notes Typed Unit I,II ready to talk on Thur Drama Char Paper by mondy Gropu Meeting 5 pm Sunday (send reminder and type notes) Extras poke at LaTex movies and project notes? The weekend really sets up the week. As far as my personal goals. It's much easier through the week if work out my plans now. People seem to like poetic stuff I write. ... mmm I should movitize something like that. That was somethign I've been meaning to do anyway. NOTES from earlier Settling in to work Means sitting before the screen. Slowing gradually figuring What I haven't seen Then seeing with my eyes The ones made out of code And knowing that I have A long day fully load And sitting here in front Of a keyboard with a grunt I take a breath and say Today will be a workin day. -chris Feb. 16, 2007 Victory of codeing wonder Reafirming never ender All the while a thoughful blending Of possiblity and civilary Of that offending Code for which it's nature is unknown to me Jentry 12:17 PM I'm feeling fairly vindicated. LIke I affirmed that I have learned a lot. By writing up all that I knew and having it work. I'm primed to be able to work on more. but I'd rather learn mores. 12:52 PM I like to accomplish things. Then I'm not really tired when I sit before the work computer. ... later A long talk with Jenny formly know to me as (Laura) She scolded me for not knowing her name. I pleaded I had learned it wrong. She always says hi and sometimes runs over. I appreciate the attention but as I spoke with her I found she 'thinks' she doesn't know a lot of people. So, I'm one of the few she has met. She knows more than she lets on I bet. ... I saw Rey in the depo. It was the first time since the day I saw her walking with Lacy on Disaster Day (the day of the Earthquake drill and my first filming on Friday) I believed I walked away that day thinking... mmmm I guess Lacy and Rey don't really prefer me. I frowed I suppose than went about my life. Only, it would seem that there are only illusions of times when I feel that 'alone' But it may not always be the case. For the curious, this is one of those eras I'm in now. When I turn away from teh social.... though not to as high a degree as last semster I supose. === END NOTES from earlier

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