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February 19, 2007 Monday The ? Movie

Try to decipher it.
Can't watch? Use VLC
or get Xvid Codec Or Watch the flash version below (sometimes below) In summary of a codec article I found. Movie files are huge. Harddrives are not So compress with a codec And solve your caveat See Article ... The problem is that not enough people understand the whole codec phenomen. Remember, democracy relies on an informed and educated popluance. ... So I've got to inform people about the whole Xvid deal I'm living under. (They are contining to procure the flash lifestyle without thinking of the full consequences of their actions) Important.

I succesfully compiled another thing for once. The latest Xvid Codec Code. 3:50 PM A mild Case? of Antisocial personality disorder? I say mild because while I have social trobles it doesn't seem like I fit the bill when it comes to generalized Antisocial_personality_disorder I do sometimes lack the, "natural ability to see the subtexts of social interaction, and may lack the ability to communicate their own emotional state, resulting in well-meaning remarks that may offend, or finding it hard to know what is "acceptable". The unwritten rules of social behavior that mystify so many with AS have been termed the "hidden curriculum". People with AS must learn these social skills intellectually through seemingly contrived, dry, math-like logic rather than intuitively through normal emotional interaction." [?] That text is bias. Somehow. Someway everything gets down to the levels of physics and all things are inherently orderly and logical like. the Use of the term 'natural' is meant as 'ease of' rather than this is the 'right' behaviror. Someone with AS would teach a machine to commuint better than someone with out. Just interview one for his or her social devices and the program as specified. This is just perfect to go with my mild case of Tourettes. NO, not the swearing one. I found out songbird makes media browsing easier. Still very proto and bugged code but I see why they did it. No more codec hassles. Just find media and play it. Right there. Its' liek FireFox + VLC = Songbird ... i think. mmm more like a susitiue for iTunes. Songbird wiki page Song Bird Site 9:40 PM I notice spikes in the hit counts around weekends. I wonder why I saw such an increase in recent days.. Regardless, I have to move on from today. I have much to clean up. And no harddrive space really left for anything.

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