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My Image?

February 8, 2007 Thursday 11:56 PM My Image?

I have the ability to reproduce an image of myself using the means granted to me by other organizations. The resources of which I utilize to create a place where my advocated ideas rest. A place which can be seen by others and which can allow me to exert influence beyond that in which I can in everyday human interaction. In order to continue to present this 'image' of myself... A part of my day must be devoted to 'sitting and typing' out the ideas for which I perceive as useful to have at the time. In doing so, I have created a sort of self constructed time line. One in which, knowingly or unknowingly I have biased the events, activities and ideas that I would care to remember by encoding them into this time line of thought. Is it then possible that without thought I have published a biased and 'ideal version' of myself in which I would even have convinced myself that I am what I have written? Perhaps, I am fooling myself into thinking things that are not true and the self induced feedback that I receive by re walking the events I have written are skewing my perspective on reality. So much so, that I am increasingly seeing the world through a 'personalized' lens. The effect of which lies as an unknown inside and outside my life. Unknowingly and unconsciously I have propagated this image without thinking... could it or should it be remedy? 11:56 PM Well, I did tend to a math presentation from a women from Prinston.
The movie wasn't really edited. Just a message from joy. She forgot to mention the plug for... Expanding your Horizons Network

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Joy said...

who IS that blabber mouth? Why aren't you talking much in this one, huh? ;-)


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