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No Idea Commentary

February 15, 2007 Thursday 6:00 PM No Idea Commentary

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Sometimes movies catch my attention and I think.. mm I've got to go back and talk about that one for one reason or another.
I think I'm getting used to the no sound in my left ear thing. ... A Pattern Machine? I was thinking about sequences and patterns. And I realized.. sort of prototype-thinking that when I search for a pattern I go through a process of +,-,/,* in different combinations in order to find a counting order or a 1,2,3 etc. I know that I have found something that gives me a pattern when I process the sequence and get a countable integers because I know what the next element in the sequence is when I put the process in reverse. So, theoretically it should be possible to write a pattern finding machine that given operations can compute the solution set and then process a sequence through all the function possibilities until it obtains a function that holds the pattern. The func in the solution set will take the elements of the sequence and return 1,2,3.. etc. And then the inverse function should be the equation that matches the pattern. Makes me what to write that program. 6:02 PM You know, after being in front of all the other computer screens today... 3 hours here 2 hours there.. I come home to mine. And I feel different about it. I think that's because I am master of it's domain. I'm not just sitting at someone elses machine making a petty attempt to 'make it my own' I can breath at home and on my machine. The feeling of comfort is quite strange actually. 7:13 PM nice to be done with the movie aspect of the night so soon. v 9:19 PM By the good grace of my well discipled life style I have granted myself approximately 2 hours of useful time before bed. And no immediate thing to do. So the quesetion is... do I do more homework or tend to my own endeavors? 10:01 PM I seem to have choosen to spend the time typing to friends and compiling GNU Typist. Go figure.


D-man said...

Maybe you should consider going to the doctor for the no sound in your left ear thing.

You might want to use that ear someday.

Another guy who's name starts with a D said...

I second that, the health center is free afterall.

Viannah said...

Wow. I never knew about the bleep thing. Sweet. I have a(bout a 1 second) one up on my dad.


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