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Sacred Stage

February 2, 2007 Friday 7:23 PM Sacred Stage

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I'm talking to myself again. Why is it that I can't remember what I learned today? I'm in college. Doesn't... nay.. shouldn't that make a difference?
She said it so... matter of fact. As though I was expected to come for some sort of dinner I didn't recall ever knowing about. I was taken a back by it. ... Earlier in the day. After COMM 108 the professor mentions the coldness of the camera lens. The way people can be thrown off when they see themselves on tape. And I recall hearing something similar something about how the camera and the screen 'don't capture' the real moment or the real action. Caswell said something about that years ago. And from both of these reactions, the one of present day and the one of past, I draw the conclusion that drama-types of ages old seem to hold similar ideals. 1. That the screen isn't the scene on the stage. 2. Life performances are sacred. I wondered about it on the walk home. I thought about whether I believed it or not. I realized that I am the creator, director, cinematographer, editor and performer. And that I have ultimate control over every pixel, every sound byte and every image that crosses the viewers screen. I realized I had a lot of power as that person made up of all the roles. And then I noted... that actors, like pawns on a giant drama board don't have full control.. once the stage becomes the screen. And I realized that perhaps they felt their domain in jeopardy as they made one final statement, one last stand to the effect that the believed in the Sacredness of the Stage Performance. I on the other hand prefer my realm of motion control, image manipulation and cutting talents. I don't merely move to the side and pretend things are there. I can make things there or pick and choose what I want to emphasis in the given moment. Or perhaps, I choose to let the visuals to the mind. May the art of illusion sink in metaphorically to the viewer to the audience through the thin veil of the screen. CHANGE of NOTE PSCI 110 Though reading a book is the assignment. The task is to pull from it how institutions function and cross reference with concepts in another book. Though reading will take hours. Perhaps the real task can be made much much shorter. And so I can still pull of the assignment with out breaking my time bank. 9:14 PM I'm loving the InkScape these days. I really do. .. 9:28 PM I hope I didn't just accidently overdose on vitamin tablet. I took one than thought for a moment that I had taken one earlier. But I can't remember if I did or not. So now I'm hoping I didn't I'd prefer not to die from iron poisioning. ... hmmp acording to my research I'll know around 3 am tonight. mmmm let me do some math to see if I"m in for some trouble... From container... 1 table 18mg if I accidnelty had 2 that makes 36 mg a site tells me... "Toxic effects begin to occur at doses above 10-20 mg/kg of elemental iron. Ingestions of more than 50 mg/kg of elemental iron are associated with severe toxicity." What does mg per kg mean? I know I weigh 65 kg does that mean 36 mg / 65 kg or .55 mg/kg??? If that is what it means I'm prob. fine. Besides I don't even remember if I took two. I swear I didn't. Didn't I? ... eh, paranoia. I'm most likely fine. Joy tells me.


Daniel said...

10 to 20 mg/kg * 65 kg = 650 to 1300mg. a.k.a. a lot of iron. Not something to worry about unless you ate a few rusty nails first.

Sirhc Senots said...

Leave it to Daniel to be a magnet to my own paranoia. Yum.. rusty nails. I like zinc coated actually.

Viannah said...

Wow. That video was... deep. I feel like I need to watch it again to respond better. Hmm... thought-provoking, to say the least.


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