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February 10, 2007 Saturday 8:18 AM Scatter Thought

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Focus? I awoke. The entry writing itself in my head. I was going to get up. Today. On a Saturday at 8:15 AM (And I did) For whatever reason my body woke up. And I noted a slight illness. But my mind seemed to climb into thoughts about the adverse effects of my new job. Perhaps adverse isn't the right word. Perhaps, side effects is the term I should use. For it would seem that I'm slowling coming into becoming a fellow whom will spend consequtive hours patiently working out those computer issues I never really took the time to figure out. Perhaps it is too soon to tell but I do know that I got up thinking of all those things I had not done. Learn make files Figure config files read the bash shell man page Compile iMovie Plug-in's learn the dependencies one by one for compiling... blender jahshaka ? Perhaps a differen't one? Python Blender API css style sheets xml There is so much to know. And I should have, by all means done these things already. Apparnlty, I just have never taught myself the patiences and focus to sit down in consequtive hours and work on them. Apparently, I needed a new 15 hour job to teach me that skill of focus. 8:20 AM "Doing movies everyday is easy. Doing them well... that's hard." ... I did have a dream that featured some sort of editing program. Perhaps that was it. 9:06 AM my image broke and never came back. I know not why. 10:18 AM 1:28 AM BEST thing of the day so far. Dude I can do Morphs!! 1:00 PM You know, words are by fiat. Suppose, all dictionarys of all the world suddenly disappeared. The rubic by which some standard 'meaning' is measured is gone. Websters dead. .... Who's definition do we use? 1:46PM I have a chance to lay back. I lay on my bed staring up at the light on the white patterned walls. And I think.... each second of a day off is like a fragment of icing. 1:51 PM Hey wait a minute. I just realized that because humans can talk. We can insult all the other animals now. I mean, that's such a privilage. And they don't even know where doing it. "Like, hey Octopus your all wet. Ya octopus" ha ha. [this dialogue is better in person] I mean, what do you think an animal would give to be able to cus out it's predator once it was safe in the tree? 2:41 PM I'd like to reach a day when someone says one of their favorite lines from one of my movies is, "This is the last time I let a genetic algorithm mow my lawn" 4:59 PM What is it to know absolute truth? Can you? Can you know 'exactly' what happened today? What might that change about the way you handle the world and your life? "You would have gods eyes." 5:00 PM Position data can be forged. Video data is hard to forge. 5:07 PM 9:43 PM I seem to be having trouble concentrating on what I have to do. MMmmmm.

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