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So What?

February 3, 2007 Saturday 12:48 PM So What?

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I made it through another week. Let's hope the roll continues.
9:43 PM I thought I had explained it well. The analog between Newtons laws the equations and all other theories. That explained the universe. I had metaphor. I had term. I had wavy hand motions. I had physicalized examples. I had triangles dang it. But what I didn't have was a way to make that knowledge benefical to someones life as they themselves live it. I began to explore the So What? Response exposed by so many uncerain learners to would be teachers. How does 'this' information apply to me? That is probabily the single best and at the the same times worst question to ask. So legitimate yet so profoundling difficult to get to the root of. Yes. Why exactly is the stuff I know and care about.. or more so Could the stuff I have spent my days figuring out really be of any consequenceal use to you? Should I even hope there is a way? Or would I merely be pasting over your notions of this or that with contrived conceptual examples that still will not be effectivly utilized in your life. What should 'I' do? How can I understand why someone would 'want' to do this? Can't I recommend that the real value is the application that the learner brings to the idea? Can I say to the disgruntaled math student that wants to know 'why?' That the great constructions of the centries. The great palances of theories that have explained everything from the simplest atoms to the vastness of the universe were mere contrived applications of mathematics that they took upon them selves to answer the 'why?' with a reply of wonderfully complicated yet useful repsentations of reality via math? Surely, these people asked 'why?' But they asked it not in a defiant way. Not in a 'Why? do I need something I'm never going to use?" way. But a way in which case they spent years of their lives trying to answer. Their answers to this 'Why' Question were marvelous examples of the human endeaver to produce order from chaotic observation. Why? is a good question to ask but only if one is really intersted in application. And the degree to which they move through their ramifications of the answer distalls the chaff popluance from the grain. The who's who of the world is decided everyday. What decision can someone make in order to succeed where all the rest fail? But even all this is a messy way to beat around the issue I thought about. I want to know why some folk 'want' certain things and others do not. I can understand some people will 'never' do this by preference. But I want to know how those preferences got that way. And if I did... would I then know why or how those preferences could change or be changed? It's all a mess I suppose. It's messy to me to see people flounder through discussions real time. Jurys leave to confir. Why can't more peopel more often removed themselves from situations in order to really contemplate the ideas brought up? Must I be doomed to be called a fool, a coward or a traiter for wanting to handle 'conversation ideas' on my own elsewhere? I thought I was doing people a favor by settling down by myself and recaping the toils of the talks in which I could then more readily and more easiy confer with the experiences of my life so that next time I grace the topic I'll have a 'well thought out' response. We need more of those in the world. My space bar is getting stuck. Dang. I hit it too hard I guess.
Images from the week. I spend 15 hours of my week looking at code. I'm getting used to it. Though this is an older picture.... I thought it conveyed the idea. Joy and I enjoyed making movies during the week despite the busy schedule. She's a part of why I was still able to make one every day of the week. A shot from the Jackie Interlude in which I explained Standard Deviation to her in terms she could understand which apparenlty were not the same terms her teacher used. Her sister Shell came home after we both walked there talking about stats and other assorted things.

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