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V Day? Mov: No Idea

February 14, 2007 V Day?

Sometimes the ones where I have no idea what I'm doing at the
beginning actually turn out okay.

It's like D-Day but V-Day. 10:44 PM Haven't gotten to write much. When I'm starting at only 20 minutes left of useful night and I have much more mathematics to tend to I find it difficult to stretch the time. I'm finding that after 60 or so movies I'm begining to think ahead automatically. I've still got to say 'ouch' for actually writing things of substance here. During the time cruch of the week I can't seem to pull myself through even the 'textual' hoops. But hey, there's motion graphics right?


The Rat said...

I laughed my head off over this one. It was VERY funny watching Sadie sample chocolates. And, we are quite impressed at the team of scientists you have working for you.

Happy Heart Day.

Anonymous said...

yum, that chocolate looks sooooo good. but sadie looks even cuter.

Viannah said...

LOL. I like her faceplant at the end (no offense, Sadie; you and Chris made my day).


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