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What the Inverse?

February 21, 2007 Wednesday What the Inverse?

Why do you have to do that fraction
inverse thing when you divide fractions?
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3:59 PM My nights have been backwards. I tend to move, 'what is due first' but I need to classify the activities appropriately. As in, as much as it pains me I can't film and edit before I tend to homework. I have to tend to homework before filming and editing. (much begrudged) I always thought the movies were 'due' before the school stuff. But I can't keep thinking this way and maintain sanity. Least, I can make myself tired with movies... (somewhat varible) while homework gets more of my awake time. BUT before that I thought I'd link to some open source places that I'm fasinating in the code for. The Princeton WordNet I came across this one day a long time ago and I have never forgotten my fasination with it. The Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton has created a "large lexical database of English" It's one of the few projects that I have ever managed to get compiled on Mac OS X (this says more about me than it does about the projects) I'm not the best yet at compling from source. Though these days I'm a lot more likely to get better. MAPM, A Portable Arbitrary Precision Math Library in C. Speaking of things I can actually compile. I manaded this one with ease once. Though I haven't had much use 'yet' for it I'm glad such a thing as arbitrary precision math functions exist for my amusment. It should come in handy for those neat-o math sim's I'm thinking of later. The ease at which it can be applied to code via the defined operators make it a wonder to use it's special data type MAPM which lovingly stands for "Mike's Arbitrary Precision Math" Library Gotta love people getting their names into things. I do recall daniel had his modling format. It's one the surefire way to get your name remembed. (just insert it into a naming convention for some code that could popular) I sit back and I realize people actually have reasons to come to source sites and use the stuff. So if only I could get in on some of that action... I could be remembed. Course, what exactly do I or could I produce that would be so speacil? SQLite People rave about it. And since I began working with databases on a daily basis (for work) I began to notice the utility of a small db powered data management back end. I suppose it's fairly centeral to the whole 'what a computer is meant for' it's just no noe requires that I really understand and know how to use Relation Databases. They are very good things to know. Espeacilly, for later when I 'finally' *eye twitch write my journal software. Had I written it way back when, it would have been completely different. Now that I know more about all the different things that are out there... I think I can understand my options for it's design. And I'm thinking sqlite has enlighted me to the possibility of a db powered life info sorter. iCalender Wait Chris, that's not a code project that's a Standard! I know. As far as my lifes events are concerned I was wondering if there was anyway to seamlessly pull events in time and other activity data together. From that perspective it seems like my journal would become a pimped out version of a calender program. Though I've always shyed away from all that leap year, daylight savings gibbersh and GMT time business... I have to face the music at some point. I was impression-ed after finding out that the iCal format was implemented in many many things. (I checked out Sun Bird as a result) .... I could go on and put down blender, python and other gnearly (too big for me to completely comprehend) sorts of things but I was merely listing out what I had intersetig in reading and reviewing the code for. though I'm desperatly wanting to compile Blender ( have not yet suceeded)

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Viannah said...

I'm not really sure how to explain it to small people, either, but maybe you could use M&Ms or something? Like, have red ones be "negative" and blue ones "positive"... or, well, that would be hard since it's all dealing with fractions. Garh. Well, if you get some good ideas from other people, I'd be interested in an update in the future.


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