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Who is Shirine?

February 28, 2007 Wednesday Who is Shirine?

A small ode to Shirine. After having run into Shirine today in the photo lab

I decided to create a short piece to record her existence in the pages of my


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--- notes from Earlier in the day --- It's a good thing the U.S. gave in. They had started the mess in the first place. And they eventually had to unfreeze the accounts before N. Korea would talk and this was all after the nuke issue. And now U.S. has some sort of sense to come together with Iraq's neighbors... Well that's good. And the whole US generals would resign of an attack on Iran was ordered was a welcomed news item. It seems that maybe the U.S. will be back on track.... or maybe that is nieve. 12:13 PM My first open source code I submited to a OS comunity. Yay! It feels good. 12:25 PM And yet I was happy and spinning around in my chair and I hurt myself. Dang. I'm not bleeding yet so it's okay... so far. ... The use of file merge is quite fun as well. lex yacc awk sed ? A course for new moodle developers Darn it. I left in a error msg string. Gotta fix it. 7;28 PM I didn't know this was the last day of this month. What is up with February? ~late It's a shame when I haven't the time to write the entry.

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