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February 20, 2007 Tuesday ? with comments

Sometimes the use of an iMovie Effect can clean up a bad shot. Watch for the extra shots not featured in the original movie.
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I was looking for this... google couldn't help because I only knew it from the story perspective. Gauss Story I think it's that last hour of the day. When your beat, when your down and out.. and the difference between success and failure is that one extra hour you put in to accomplish what you have always dreamed of. 6:37 PM The problem I can see is that I have conflict between to criteria for production. I tend to want to do the next due item first but what if that item is in the category of my personal endeavor? I've noticed, as I walked about today that managing one's life seems to have much more to do with remembering and abiding by items on the calendar than any other thing. 'Does everything have a time?' I'm not sure. Or perhaps, I know not whether I am giving certain things 'enough' time. And I can't know quite how behind I am until it's too late. It's a concern I suppose.


Viannah said...

Sweet music choice. Also, I didn't realize how much better the final product was until you put it up against the stuff that still had dust, etc., on it. Nice job. It's a REALLY big difference. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Hey, speaking of commentary, did you listen to the commentary on the DVD? Did you watch it?

Brenna and I leave for New York Comic Con tomorrow morning. Back on Monday.

Love ya!


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