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March 31, 2007

March 31, 2007 Saturday 4:46 PM

Spagetti Monster game
You need the back story to actually get this.
back story

Past Midnight Oil.

March 30, 2007 Friday 3:42 AM Past Midnight Oil.
Burning the past midnight oil.

It can be difficult to write math problems.
Constructing a good example can become rather difficult
as many factors play into the end result.
If I'm looking after some particular end result
that I want I need to very carefuly decided my varibles.
I need to preform some extensive mathematics just to 
make things work. It's a circus of symbols most times.

I was attempting to work out some mathematics with a
close friend. Well, at first I was merely proving things
to myself and she was there looking over my shoulder.
This is a curious sort of situation since I am not used
to having someone look over my sholder while I work
on mathematics. But I liked her there. And I liked
the company while I had something to ponder.

I wave back and forth over various things but in a
slightly estranged attempt to fill her in on 
calculus (Intergrals) I picked a few really bad
mathematical examples. ... That ultimalty lead to another
one of those 'interesting' little discoveries.
I collect them. I collect strange assorted facts about
pieces of analytical geometery.
In this case it appears that all functions 
of the form, f(x) = (2n)x where n is a positive integer
lead to integrations where the triangles are equivalent
to sqares with the size of their base. 
She wondered why I was baffeled at teh strange
irony of the example selection. (I picked 2x at of a need
for some function that didn't look like just an x)
Apparently even multiples of x lead to this strange
She watched as I derived a inductive proof for it 
via calculus. 

All in all I might write that thing up and stash
it somewhere as a quirkly little side story.

Realtivy leads me to a very strange statment,

"I have to go slow enough to get there on time"

... I haven't checked my site stats in weeks. And I'm fearful for doing so now. I don't expect much.


March 29, 2007

March 29, 2007 Thursday

Everyone leaves.. right when HSU switches to Moodle.
It's going to look bad. It's not because of moodle
of course.. but I mean people whom could work on moodle
and help the campus with moodle are going away so
that when calls come in with problems there is going
to be a 'big commotion'
It deserves a movie to highlight the issues.

NURS 400  30345   2 Stress Mgmt Wellness Illness     3        40/ 0/ 40
                             Roberts, Deborah A.
                         Meeting Dates: 29-MAY-07 to 29-JUN-07
------- fall 2007
CIS  235  41961   1 Java Programming                 3        24/ 0/ 24     Y  A1
                             Tuttle, Sharon            M 1500-1650 TA 011
CIS  235  41962  11   Java Programming Lab           0        24/ 0/ 24     Y  A2
                             Tuttle, Sharon            W 1500-1650 NHW 244
                         Additional Fees: $20.00
CIS  499          0 Directed Study                   1-4       0/ 0/ 0
                         Special Approval Req: Dept Chair Approval

a mysql db dump of classes 

they say, "you need a masters to teach"
The people of the world say.. 'just teach and see who listens'

Finish current quiz
one more quiz
then 2 papers
and I will have passed 309 with a C

I think the one last question mark happens
to be Amer Gov. A class I really need but it
has a group that hasn't really shown conviction.
Takes a long time to research for things... it's 
quite mind numbing.
But... just today... I had that faint notion that
I was just going to manage.. 
I had that feeling like I could just pull through...
as though I've been tugging on a rope just long enough
and just hard enough to begin to feel the give in 
the boulder. 

I must keep it up.


The Nature of Worry

March 28, 2007 Wednesday The Nature of Worry

It concerns me when I'm signing up for
a credit report and it claims I took out
a morgage. I did not. 
.... I have not seen my full report but the
fact that it askes me.. is alarming.


mental static?
I have to talk to the dentist today.
which means I need to get home before 5
Now that my insurance is renewed appointments
can be made later... perhaps not on a national

I'm trying to get copies of my credit report.
It doesn't make me feel good to have one of them
claim that 'I' signed up for a mortgage. 
That is worrisome though I've tacitly decided
to relax about it until I actually have all credit

SL skills?
Moodle Rooms presence 

Firebug is really nice for browsing the net
and playing with the pages to learn the css.
It's instant feedback on what you do.

ah ha!

#main-wrapper {

#main-wrapper {
overflow:visible; //better check this line

might make things show up again!

at least make page scrollable as well

3:55 PM
Firebug for Firefox is a very good thing
I'm home and yet still annoyed by all the things.
As I laid back on the Red Wood Bowl blenchers I 
couldn't help but to exmain my sense of worry.
It was there clatching my heart in some moments and
letting it's fingers ease up a bit in others.
The familar feel of worry has always been with me.
Whatever pings it... it usualy brings headaches and
fatigue. For many things there were worries to contemplate.
Though I think at that moment I was considering the nature
of worry and the role it plays in my life.
Aside from the thing of the thing I had that credit report
snaffu in my mind.
And still the dentist appointment on friday.
And yet... when I returned  home.. as though some sense of
... it can't be ... the appointment was rescheduled. 
I was able to call and place it somewhere in finals week.
Well, it's a 3 day weekend after all. 
There's far too much to do in these days. I may just have to 
'sneak' by in some classes forgoing a good grade for a passing 

The thing is... times like these make me want to leave
society. Leave my idenitity with in it.
For the worry doesn't not come fro myself but this thing
.. this horribly monstours social structure that I am
'temporarily' dealing with.

I am only beginning ot find my footing in this social game.

With most of the day in perspective I'd note the single 
part that went the best.. was getting my resistration code
after saying not more than 2 sentences to Sharon.
1 more reg code?


Null Eventful

March 27, 2007 Tuesday Null Eventful

While constructing my blue screen back drop the other day...
I kept thinking about myself long ago.. as I was once a little
kid putting tinker toys together to reach the ceiling.
I remember this event. My mom does too. She walked in and found
me poking the ceiling with tinker toys.
I must have been hooked on using technology to extend my reach
ever since.

... just poking the ceiling.

"man if only I had a dollar for every time I had a dollar from someone"

... I'm reading out of a Comm 309 book and I'm starting to think about playing with marketing. Now that would be fun. .... cashbox for budgeting I forgot how I used to design screen savers Widgets for budgeting, Deadlines.wdgt a tombstone for due dates of assignments and other things. 'here lies biology final firefox plug ins blender sequence plug ins blender py scripts .... later in the day.. Well, it's night now and once again I have run out of time for homework. This looks grim. I wonder when it will all be turning around? It feels like I have a mountain of assignments but can't seem to get them done fast enough to clear my mind. That is really annoying. And I've been meaning to get to bed on time... but that doesn't look feasible. Least I may try. ... what's worse is that there is not time to things of value here.


March 26, 2007

March 26, 2007 Monday 

Why is it that it always takes 8 times as many hours
to get a job done? I felt like my honor was on the
line as it got later and later and I still didn't have
the code running. 
That's why it felt good to finally get everything working
and I relaxed and enjoyed the small triumph.

mmmm day dreaming about things to make
Widgets for budgeting, deadlines 
firefox plug ins
blender sequence plug ins
blender py scripts

Science Advising Lunch, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 12:00 - 1:00 pm in NHE 106


It was once before... some time ago when I tried to explain
imaginary i to her.
She wrinkled her nose and glazed her eyes and it was apparent 
that she still didn't get the value of the thing as was the
case years earlier in high school.
I wish I could instill upon the world y sense of mathematics.
The way I see it. I can only make small approximations and
hint towards the bigger picture ideas to others. 
Looking back now, I find I must have been quite unprepared
to express the thing which is i or the root of negative one.
Perhaps, that is due to the fact that I myself didn't understand
it's value. 

Then fast forward to more recently, a few days after I had
embarked on my quantum quest I was reviewing those numbers
that homed i. I was attempted to build an understanding of
the complex plane. Once I began to explore the way i made things
work I began to realize I was becoming able to talk about it
with her once more. 
Only this time.... things would be different.

The funny and exciting part of it was that I discovered nearly
at the same time as she did that the i meant direction.
It's use in complex numbers (after demoing and deriving of 
the product rule of complex numbers) is to specify the y component
of the vector in the Argand Plane.

I discussed with her the nature of mathematics and to watch
for the structure of it all. I would say, "We are not concerned with
the math problems we are concerned with the structure. We are concerned
with how math works. Leave all the rest behind. ....
to be contined... someday

4 weeks
7.75*40*4 = 1240  (- tax ?)
8.00*(30±10)*4 = 1280 high to 640 low  (960 average)


water:  30
power:  60
rent : 900
food : 400



The Difficulties of these Times

March 25, 2007 Sunday 2:17 PM The Difficulties of these Times
Apparntly I did not manage to turn off my ringer completely
I was awakened by the phone once more.

The shift in programming has been from (learning languages) as 
it was a few years ago.. to learning how to write plug ins and pieces
of things that play with other things... so that I'm not so concerned
with a small program itself but that it plays nicely with bigger programs
so that my code can tag along for the ride.

Adding functionality with widgets, video plug-ins and web modules is
the focus. It's much more rewarding than a small program from scratch and
it can go futher and be useful.

I'm even more interested in the theoretical and the simulated.

I appear to have many assignments due.

I was doing research for my gov project and came accross this.
(I'm making note for later)

The Difficulites of these Times 10:35 PM (after she left)

The ability that the human organism has to prioritize its
time is a defining factor of its continuing existence.
I speak of those socially hard times when a friend feels
she has no real control left and wants to attain that stable
place that we all really only dream of but can never have.
In my personal opinion I feel I can build myself into one
(But that's another story) Here, I speak of the necessity
for each one of us to take the time to make sure another is
alright. Though the time required to do this may use up 
homework time or prevent certain assignments from coming due.
It is a choice of priority that we make that makes the world
a better place.

It is in those moments when we each have to make a decision to 
be a human or a be a cog in a system. Let's choose human in as
many circumstances as we can possibly allow. I know I'm running
late on my assignments and there are definitely things that will
not get done... but I know there are more important things
that need tending. 

Only when the social storms are settled can one come back to 
the tireless work of the rest of the world. 
Life comes first.


What did I do today?

March 24, 2007 Saturday 1:33 PM What did I do today?

Bolo Ball? I've played this once before.
Kept trying to figure out the physics.

11:45 PM
What did I do today?
Good question.
Thanks for asking. (coming to the page is something to do with that)

Got up.

Bought Blue Screen Supplies $114 Dollars. yikes.
Cleaned Garage
Recyled stuff (got 2 bucks well, it's a start)
Made Dinner for Joy
She napped, I did landry.
Tended Garden.
Wrote widget for Joy (promised to update it later)
Felt like a lot.
Only problem is homework is yet to be done.
Will type for CoMM 108 first.

"Every day is a pebble waiting to be rounded"


March 23, 2007

March 23, 2007 Friday 8:52 PM

Can the bell curve be explained with quantum mechanics?


Just Footnotes

March 22, 2007 Thursday Just Footnotes

Yep, still trying to make the green screen magic.
The holy grail of amateur film making.
I hope I get to the hardware store this weekend to
make a large green screen since I know i"m very
very close to 'well done' mattes.

(Just some halos to remove)
This is the closest I have been in most of the years of 
me trying to do this.

CS 499
Quantum Computing?
Quantum Computing Information Theory?
all centralize one topic. is related to computer
science. May have application in future work.
Might be helpful for formlating and understanding
the diff between a quantum computer and tradition 
Is it a turing machine? Or is it a probability machine?
Some paraell turing machine?

All true equations program 
"it's easy to write true statements,, it's harder to actualy
prove a particular statement" But if all paticual statmetns are
a subset of a greater solution equation space than it would follow
that drilling through the tremedolus vast combinations a machine
could uncover all true equations...the question would be how to get
it to strain through the 'useful' and novel ones.

FASFA - need to be 24 to file as independent.

-privacy amendments to constitution
-reform to make elections publicly funded

Just Footnotes

March 22, 2007 Thursday Just Footnotes

Yep, still trying to make the green screen magic.
The holy grail of amateru film making.
I hope I get to the hardware store this weekend to
make a large green screen since I know i"m very
very close to 'well done' mattes.

(Just some halos to remove)
This is the closest I have been in most of the years of 
me trying to do this.

CS 499
Quantum Computing?
Quantum Computing Information Theory?
all centralize one topic. is related to computer
science. May have application in future work.
Might be helpful for formlating and understanding
the diff between a quantum computer and tradition 
Is it a turing machine? Or is it a probability machine?
Some paraell turing machine?

All true equations program 
"it's easy to write true statements,, it's harder to actualy
prove a particular statement" But if all paticual statmetns are
a subset of a greater solution equation space than it would follow
that drilling through the tremedolus vast combinations a machine
could uncover all true equations...the question would be how to get
it to strain through the 'useful' and novel ones.

FASFA - need to be 24 to file as independent.

-privacy amendments to constitution
-reform to make elections publicly funded


feel... insubstantial

March 21, 2007 Wednesday 7:03 PM feel... insubstantial
Don't tell me about these things.
It only succeeds at making me feel... insubstantial.
Should I have gone back? Well, I have a feeling all the
talk of it prongs into me more.
So at present 7 o'3 I feel down.
This is not how this time period should be... though
I suppose that is always the stance.

I'm told that a girl was flirting with me in line
at Longs, and that I was fliriting... but without
knowing it.. nor having any motive it is just friendly.
So that is it, eh?
Friendly, maybe a laugh and that is flirting so long one
of the parties has a motive? So, all I lack is motive?
Is that right?

It's perplexing to be stuck in the curious well that I'm
in. I suppose simply 'knowing' would be nice. But then again
I don't feel entirly up for 'doing' or going out.
As to why that is? 
I'm even baffeled at the split I have in my mind.
Part of me doesn't really want to deal with anything about it.
The other is more curious than driven.
They're both non-aggressive. 
If this continues the only logical choice would be to keep
my mouth shut about the matter.
And the always noticual back of the mind argument claims.
"Hey, if you didn't go out you wouldn't even feel down right now."

Yeah, thanks it's nice to know I may always take comfort in
the status quo. A status of quo I know all to well.
I'm told that even though one may 'think' they can reach a nominal
day.. doing so for prolonged times has it's effects.
(I only glimpse them during long breaks. Even then I think it would
be a substantial amount of time before any real agony would
befall me)

... So many parts you see...
There is even that random one that walks in, bursts in more like it,
and exclaims, "What the Hell! Chris, they're are better things
than all that mess" 
A couple other parts agree... there were even more in the past but
not as many now.... though still they stand strong and resilient.

I would hate to have someone read the above and come back to me
claiming I should have asked the girl. Are they acknowledging
the series of complexities that unfold in the entire matter?

Regardless of all else, one thing is for sure..
I did not need this excess physchological static tonight.
I did not.

I may be getting sick. I've been exposed and I feel a throat
tingle. (NO GOOD!)


End of an Era? or just a Lull?

March 20, 2007 End of an Era? or just a Lull?

11:01 PM
The seemingly untimely demise of my great movie-capaide isn't
completely over. If anything, I expect a more of a slow down
and a gentle turning as I return balance and restore order to 
my life. 
It comes in the form of more bland pages. That is to say, one may
come forward expecting 'motion picture' and walk away gloomy 
disappointed at the textual dust bowl they had found.

Text is not a waste land my fellows and females. Restoring 
text to it's rightful status quo in my life is going to a 
hard shift when it would have seemed so much rested in the
movie world of 2D space.
But it was always the case really. I realize the value of 
well thought out prose and mourn the loss of it.

I can see that the march of motion is now a mere walk.
This manifestation appears in the form of movies only...
'as necessary' and not 'as always' but a far more interesting
shift is afoot. 
For the ones that make it through the creative snow appear
in a very different form. Inward focus-not outward. Useful
as footnotes and reminders and maybe for the wondering sociology
student looking for a thesis. (and a human subject) the 
daily motion picture will always be a big part of my waking life
for I think, act and dream in the language of imagery.

It is not for the sake of destruction that I halt for now.
It is for the sake of re-birth. To place better things,
not more things. And as always, change with the times that reflect
my life. 
Right now, it seems I have a time deficit. In order to re balance
the books something had to give. And that would be 'those things'
The 2D window-box of life... for now.. 

But all is not lost.

If it's not 100% it's a more relaxed 60% 
And the 40% makes a difference in a lot of ways.
After 73 straight movies I have succeeded at the thing
I wanted most... which was to build the reflex.
I now have it, the reflex to create them, and with this
new mental tool I will proceed.


The *M Notation

I would take notes, as is often the case when I'm in
a college class room, but I would never pretend to value
an instructors words more than they are worth. In short,
if there was spare thought cycles in which I could use for
better purposes I would. 
This resulted in a set of parallel notes sharing space
with the very same pages of regular course notes. 
To denote the difference between 'my' notes and 'their stuff'
I would place an M along the margin.
Further more, when I knew something was important either by
my own opinion or by fiat I would mark a star* (pentagram on page).
Thus, I had a simple system for tracing back to what was 
important in my notes for different days. I would merely
run my eyes along the scrawlings looking for stars or
It was by simple evolution that I would begin to combine
the notation and write *M's for the notes of mine which I 
deemed 'very important' Soon, I was making many notes and
marking many things with the symbol. I suppose I over
use the new combo symbol a bit for I tend to think every
note I make deserves a star.. this is hardly the case.
It's true that there are many more *M's than M's
Is it such a crime to rate my thoughts, my original thinking
a bit higher than the well spouted discourse I hear all day?

Regardless, brief mentionings in movies have left some 
in wonder over the meaning of the *M that appears stamped
on some videos. The usage here is merely an extension of
the original intent. Just as the notes were 'for me' these
movies are 'for me' in the sense I'm no longer acknowledging
the audience. Focus is inward, things aren't fully explained.
(To different extents of course) 
Marking the difference between a movie 'for me' and a movie
for someone else has it's utility. If nothing else, you know
what your in for should you see a date and a *M in the opening
Thus, one knows when they stumble accidentally into the 
scratch pad of a fellow whom chooses to keep track of
the journey of his mind. For himself and for all those 
interested at examining a case study of a human thinking



Combine this with persona 3D fabrication and mmm mmm enjoy.

73 movies? Well, it could always be worse.


2 Hours Sleep Mov:Narrator

March 19, 2007 Monday 5:12 PM 2 Hours Sleep Mov:Narrator

Vocabulary from oral interpretation or COMM 108 as I like to call it.

INT. CHRIS'S ROOM - DAY Chris types at the computer then turns aside. CHRIS Mmmm I wonder how long it will take me to teach myself quantum mechanics. NARRATOR (VO) Chris said. CHRIS Hey, Who said that? NARRATOR (VO) Chris exclaimed. Chris looks around wildly. CHRIS Wha? Stop that. NARRATOR (VO) Chris pleads. And no I will not stop. CHRIS It's annoying. NARRATOR (VO) Sure it is. CHRIS The narrator said. NARRATOR (VO) Hey! You can't narrate me I'm the narrator. CHRIS No your not. I like my 1st person major perspective thank you very much. NARRATOR (VO) First person is old hat, 3rd person objective is all the rage. CHRIS Your not 3rd person objective. NARRATOR (VO) Oh yeah? Chris contemplate furiously. NARRATOR (VO) Chris quickly contemplates the fact that  a 3rd person narrator can't see into the minds of the characters... CHRIS Ah ha! NARRATOR (VO) Wha? HEY! End Title CHRIS (VO) I told you. Your that omniscient narration thing. NARRATOR (VO) Yeah Whatever.
2 hours of sleep. First day back from break. I think I'll call it a day earlier than usual. That is earlier than my 2 pm class. Sorry Floss. Sorry me. 10:17 AM I must be afraid. For as soon as I pinpoint an opinion. Converge to an eigenstate I am exposing myself. This can be a mess I'm sure. For it is only in the realm of abstain from choice that one may never offend or conflict with the world. Course that decision itself is a choice that a large dose may disagree with. On the third floor of the library, safe from the occasional awkward glances of people in the passing by of life I can contemplate items of inquiry. .... I feast too much on the realm of dreams. For it is always easier to spend the time day dreaming about the actions rather than to take those actions. It is a vicious trap of the 3rd degree. For it is only in reality that any manifestation of objective can unfold and it is in this reality that I am most unprepared. i can not halt the thoughts should events turn sour, nor can I reset the parameters if I don't like the way my dream is going. I am stuck with the outcomes of my gestures... and that may be the worst hell that I can put myself into. Trapped by action and outcome. dans math? ... hey there is a php function that does this... mixed preg_replace ( mixed $pattern, mixed $replacement, mixed $subject [, int $limit [, int &$count]] )
Vocabulary from oral interpretation or COMM 108 as I like to call it.


On a Quest?

March 18, 2007 Sunday 3:02 AM On a Quest?

Another *M curious? Well here I go.

Very important footnote. Gravitomagnetic London Moment Very recent. Sounds exciting.
"a superconductive gyroscope is capable of generating a powerful gravitomagnetic field, and is therefore the gravitational counterpart of the magnetic coil."
Now, that could be a new feild. And exciting.. if you can produce gravity with appartus. Now there is something. Tis Tis. I'm studying hard to understand someday... someday. I already noticed a lot of new and exotic functions. Complex Analysis is catching my attention. Nash read this book The Fermat part got him interested in Math Hard to find that part. I wonder what it said..... 5:01AM

Is Euclidean geometry a retronym?

oooOoo 4:09 PM open -a "/Applications/QuickTime" Movie.avi && osascript -e 'tell application "QuickTime Player"' -e 'present movie 1' -e 'end tell'


2nd to Last Day

March 17, 2007 Saturday 3:26 PM 2nd to Last Day

*M Freedom of Thought

The end of breaks are always depressing. Am I suppose to have new vigour for the classes? I don't think that is possible. ----- e mail sent ------------------------------------------------ Awww ******, I can't believe we had the dentist thing on the same day. I thought mine was going to go worse. But I suppose that is for (next time) It turned out okay. Well, Perhaps were looking at more of a 30% of the week has movies on them. Just not 100% Oh no, just when you were tuning in. Did you see the Human and Computer MOvie? The audio got messed up but the idea is still intact. Every 6 hours? Whoa. It's largely because I failed to do what I needed to do this break in order to keep up the movies. Which was 'my class work' So, something has to give. :( But also, they keep me from doing my 'own' other important things. We'll see what happens. And thank you for all your support. I forget. Take care, chris > So no more daily movies? And at the precise moment > when I was tuning in every 6 hours to see when the > next one would be up! > I understand though. 2 and half months is much time > to be movie making. I applaud your efforts...your > success rather. > Anywho. I hope all is well. > Thanks for the thanks for the comment. > See you, -------------------------------------------------------------

Entries with movies on them this year

1:January 1, 2007 Monday 3:40 PM Movie: It's a New Year 93:January 2, 2007 Tuesday 2:50 PM Movie: For Pet Lovers 145:January 3, 2007 Wednesday 3:26 AM Movie: Meet Jackie 195:January 4, 2007 Thursday 3:25 AM The Night Quest Mov: Saving Memory 289:January 5, 2006 Friday 1:26 AM Movie: Video Overlay 334:January 6, 2006 Saturday Movie: Into the Past 376:January 7, 2006 Sunday 391:January 7, 2007 Sunday Strength of Character Mov: Movie Texture Movie 452:January 8, 2007 Monday 2:50 PM Movie: Change of Perspective 515:January 9, 2007 Tuesday Movie: Digital Addiction 544:January 10, 2007 Wednesday The Coldest Night. 647:January 11, 2007 Thursday 8:01 PM Hard Sometimes 683:January 12, 2007 Friday Sad. Mov:Too Tired 727:January 13, 2007 Saturday 9:55 PM Failed Movie Composition 763:January 14, 2007 Sunday 6:15 PM Movie Devil Sync 822:January 15, 2007 Monday 9:21 PM End of Break Mov: Irony 861:January 16, 2007 Tuesday 10:43 PM Movie: Cold, Codec and Color 910:January 17, 2007 Wednesday 3:20 PM Mov: Color Animation 960:January 18, 2007 Thursday Movie: Cubes, Messages and Protein 972:January 19, 2007 Friday 8:46 PM Movie: Liz in Brief 1040:January 20, 2007 Satuday 1:09 AM 1100:January 21, 2007 Sunday 11:46 AM Net Withdrawal 1185:January 22, 2007 Monday Movie: Movie Notes 1251:January 23, 2007 Movie: Handy Volume 1309:January 24, 2007 Wednesday 11:00 PM Mov: Ready to Rumble Router 1329:January 25, 2007 Thursday 1376:January 25, 2007 Thursday Movie: Google Search 1433:January 26, 2007 Friday Mov:Just an Announcement 1498:January 27, 2007 Saturday 12:31 PM Biblio Mind 1609:January 28, 2007 Sunday 1:06 PM Talk to Delta Waves 1635:Maybe I heard a voice but didn't reconize it. That might be it. 1665:January 29, 2007 5:37 PM Losing Ground 1735:January 30, 2007 Tuesday 8:27 PM Poetic Thought 1865:January 31, 2007 Wednesday My World 1937:February 1, 2007 Thursday Buttons All Day 1976:February 2, 2007 Friday 7:23 PM Sacred Stage 2080:February 3, 2007 Saturday 12:48 PM So What? 2176:February 4, 2007 Sunday 11:21 AM The Gym 2241:February 5, 2007 Monday Knock Out Juice 2328:February 6, 2007 Tuesday 7:13 PM The Feel of a Shot 2377:February 7, 2007 Wednesday 7:22 PM Between Dead and Awake 2407:February 8, 2007 Thursday 11:56 PM Untitled 2458:February 9, 2007 Friday 9:58 PM Mov: Filming Fridays 2494:February 10, 2007 Saturday 8:18 AM Scatter Thought 2627:February 11, 2007 Sunday 8:36 PM Untitled Again 2654:February 12, 2007 Monday A Monday 2747:February 13, 2007 Tuesday Half Deaf Day 2829:February 14, 2007 V Day? 2858:February 15, 2007 Thursday 6:00 PM No Idea Commentary 2925:February 16, 2007 Friday Movie: Sadie Birds of Past 3038:February 17, 2007 Saturday Horrible Saturday 3146:February 18, 2007 Sunday 12:57 PM Intermission 14 3204:February 19, 2007 Monday The ? Movie 3275:February 20, 2007 Tuesday ? with comments 3312:February 21, 2007 Wednesday What the Inverse? 3402:February 22, 2007 Thrusday 7:41 PM Hope for the World 3481:February 23, 2007 Friday Definition 3553:February 24, 2007 Saturday 12:23 PM 3634:February 25, 2007 Sunday Intermission 16 3685:February 26, 2007 Monday 4:16 PM Giant Intermission 3739:February 27, 2007 Tuesday A Day *sigh 3860:February 28, 2007 Wednesday Who is Shirine? 3912:March 1, 2007 Thursday Good Day at Work Mov:February 4017:March 2, 2007 Friday Day of Links 4045:March 2, 2007 Friday 4:25 PM 4140:March 3, 2007 Saturday 1:07 PM Just a Day 4164:March 4, 2007 Sunday Consumer Crazy 4267:March 5, 2007 Monday The Ironic Ear 4373:March 6, 2007 Tuesday 9:29 PM Computer Science 4406:March 7, 2007 Wednesday Context Free 4495:March 8, 2007 Thursday 9:12 PM Simulation Basis 4603:Maybe you ARE copied from second to nano second to nano second. 4630:March 9, 2007 Friday 2:17 AM News Cast 2 4690:March 10, 2007 Saturday 12:21 PM 1st Day of Break 4772:March 11, 2007 Sunday 1:46 PM Intermission 19 4856:March 12, 2007 Monday 4:43 PM Special Composite 4913:March 13, 2007 Tuesday Untitled 4945:March 14, 2007 Movie: *M 5012:March 15, 2007 Thursday 1:20 PM 5036:March 16, 2007 Friday 5:47 PM Human and Computer 5052:March 17, 2007 Saturday 3:26 PM

73 Movies Straight

Can you blame me for wanting a 'break'?

4:09 PM "Beds should be made for jumping" Really, if people want to jump they should be built for it.


Human and Computer

March 16, 2007 Friday 5:47 PM Human and Computer

A Mac PC Parody for the computer guys.
A Mac PC Parody for the computer guys. 6:26 PM Sometimes ideas come and they are just too good to pass up.


March 15, 2007

March 15, 2007 Thursday 1:20 PM

It was a nice run while it lasted.

.... It's not right to feel this drowsy at 1:18 PM. It's bright and sunny and drowsy. Well, maybe not as drowsy as it could be. I made sure not to have my phone ring between 7 and this time. 5 hours of sleep? If I only take a small nap later I might be able to wake up well enough for my dentist appointment. Hopefully they weren't trying to call to cancel it. I would want to know that sooner than later but getting up to find out would prob help me get back on schedule anyway.


Movie: *M

March 14, 2007 Movie: *M

Leave it open-ended.

My simulation is not looking good. I don't know which one it is. It's not the diagonal. And I doubt it's the curved one. I think it might be the flat lined thing. Ugh.
I just learned about 'top' and 'uptime' tools. I like them.. And I've only seen them for 3 seconds. oh and I found df too. 93% full.. it's not good for the computer. 8:53 PM I've been reading some opinions about what is going on with the world. Civilization lacks a complete model of humanity interaction. Even whole pieces of it are not accespable to the bulk of the populace. If only there was a way to really 'know' what outcomes would be. A way to see all the patterns in the data. To even have data in the first place. People are far to disorganized and the motivational factors that 'should have' existed do not or do not allow for any self correction any longer. How can one person really change the mess? I think that it depends on that person. Just when I was starting to feel better about the world too. Geez now I read all about this? I'd rather type about actually getting to see Tricia Today. It started when I recieved a message from there. And I wanted to ride my bike out anyway... so I decided to try my luck and drop by the dorms. At first everything and every way was locked.. but I saw Jess C. and she informed me Tricia was in the common room. And suddenly there she was... playing N64 Gauntlet. And so I joined her. I left after sometime thinking I should have asked for a while instead.... .... I think it's time. I have noticed that there has been 'too much' movie production and not enough progress in other very very important areas. I think it's time to relax that self imposed requirment.... and if anything... return to the depths of my mind. If I do make a video record it will not be 'for anyone' but 'inside' my head. And I could focus only as an after thought than a central focus. It's better that way... for now. .... NO choice. Entries with *M mean 'in the mind' Why not? This was the symbole I used for the notes that mattered to me most. And no one else I suppose.



March 13, 2007 Tuesday Untitled

Nothing to see here.
5:19 PM I got back. It was a short time at the gym. Then I just happened to find out about a Science FAir. I spent some time walking amoung the projects and thinking back to when I wanted to my science fair ideas. I was reminded of old projects I had done. When I saw the carbon arc lamp, and even the power from trees thing. Even when I left that I walked into E.O.P. and said hi to a few people. Liz was elsewhere but I visited her too. And found out that Kristina's mom had died last week. My jaw dropped when I heard the news. I felt like I had to do something for Kristina. I didn't know what. Something. ... man, i'm tired and weak and hungry. Gotta eat. 8:36 PM Perfect example of a movie I'm not saving.


Special Composite

March 12, 2007 Monday 4:43 PM Special Composite

I've had this composite idea for a while, but I never tested it.

I decided I'd try it out. Take it for a test spin.

Somepeople leave more insightful comments on my movies. I apprecaite being directed to such things but it seems a bit condenseind from the text of "You are never going to find the "ultimate" simulation method. " I don't believe I was looking for one.
Lazerf4rt (6 hours ago) The simulation method you're talking is known as Euler integration, where the accuracy depends on the stepsize. There are a lot of well-known refinements, such as adapting the stepsize, or taking the velocity at the midpoint of the step. There are also more precise methods that use the information from higher derivatives, like Verlet integration and the Runge-Kutta methods. Lazerf4rt (6 hours ago) You are never going to find the "ultimate" simulation method. You just need to decide what to program. If you are just trying to write a fun game, often the simpler methods are good enough. If the game is fun, you succeeded.
[comment left on SimBasis via youtube] Regardless, I'll go look up... Verlet integration Runge-Kutta methods I didn't realize it had so many problems. But the fundemantal (you need to pick scale of time step and values depend on previous outcomes remains for all computational methods) The convergence is different but I thought that was a given. A super convergent formula is the analytical one. It makes me wonder what the 'second to that' is and maybe there are methods that are just below analytical efficiency. ... 5:02 PM What did guys do before there were phones? Before they coudl ask for a phone number? 11:09 PM When I got my haircut earlier today. The barber told me about the origin of the white and red pole. Turns out the local barber used to cut off body parts... as in they played the same role as the surgeon. So they would hang the bloody bandages on a pole and the pole would become red and then the white bandages would wrap around the pole as the wind blew it. ugh. I don't think I'll ever look at a barber pole the same way again... even candy canes too. I enjoyed the story amoung other things he told me and tipped him 3 dollars. My only regret is that the tale and the way he spoke it is not in movie form.


Intermission 19

March 11, 2007 Sunday 1:46 PM Intermission 19

Equations on walls.
The first thing I do when I get up is write a simluation from my notes on Friday. I'm getting a smaller and smaller difference from the simulation output and the analytical solution but I'm not entirely convenced I wrote the simulation right. I need to go plot the points and see whether or not it's a sine curver.. because right now it looks like it's the object just fell and never bounced up... which is one of the outcomes I expected anyway. But if that's true why isn't my average difference telling me that there is a big difference? ... before I take care of that later.. via blender or R ? maybe I'm going to let the simulation run for longer. ... It had been so long I had forgotten some things about python. It gets confusing when you work with VB,php and maybe C on a regular basis. You get languages confused. .. I may need to code the sim in C and use MAPM to insure no round off errors. 5:14 PM After failing to make contact with Lizzie. I decided I would walk out to enjoy the sunny day anyway. In the past, I've waited indoors on nice days for people to call me. And they never have. I didn't want to stay in if that was the case. Though apparntly it's not, and she did call when I got back from the library and juggling squirmish. I was a bit angered by earlier events of a 'old pro juggler' tell me about how to toss a club. I so wanted to show I could juggle but I never got all 3 clubs to demostarte that I was juggling with out looking and with out his method. I put my mind on better things as I stamped into the library. I sat down near the pedioticals, and looked out the window. When I turned, 2 magainze caught my eye. One was something about the Higgs Boson or god particle? Is that right? Was that the particle? And something about results that 'might' indicate all particles might have a heaviory version of themselves. So I decided to head to the 3rd floor and find a Quant Mech book again. When 'the Big one' comes I wanted to have some notion of the concepts before I had to make mathematical tracks to understanding the theories. .... I sat at a table with different quantum mech books sprawlled out. I was trying to decide which one would give me the highest return for my reading investment. I know myself when it comes to self study in the library. I know I have to find a book I can keep picking up or it's no good. Least, not without a fuller level of commitment I once showed during Summer Break. I was trying to gaughe how patience I was going to need to be to dig through the mathemtiacal texts. I decided I still wanted a bigger picture of the topics. It's amazing how many bits and pieces of understanding I have of quantum mech. I know it as not just a buzz word but a couple of topics from the thing. My goal is to be able to summerize the whole deal the way I summeriza classical mechanics.. though I can't know eactly how the formulue work... I'll know what functions and what differences in mathemetacials is requried. From that foundation I may build further. Least that is the plan. 8:21 PM ... A life not remembered is a life wasted.


1st Day of Break

March 10, 2007 Saturday 12:21 PM 1st Day of Break

I was reminded of Calvin and Hobbes as I was making this.
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SERV_BANKERFRIEND.html Interesting. It's amazing the variety of places I pick up useful information about programming. 5:36 PM Stabbing at the possiblity of mulit track editing using Blenders Sequence editor. 5:46 PM Well done guys. Something To Be Desired This entry was well done. It really speaks. Wasn't that guy with the Gotee from some Nick show? Stuff is possible? I'll believe the cloak when I see it in person. I thought about the camo one as a kid. I thought about the robotic one as a kid. Other people do them.. but the ideas go way back for me. I'm always a bit disappointed that I didn't get to but I'm glad I'm not so out of touch reality. As in my ideas still 'work' somewhere out there. ... I always suspected I was living in a bizarre century. 7;25 PM I want to thikn small but I can't. Things don't work the same when you get small. Think of this.. nano eletric motor And it's nothing like a human sized one. I'm in the dark when I think of the nano world and I have to remedy that someday. 8:06 PM The difference between a landfill and a forest is that one of them has a lot of little machines that 'rebuild' from the derbrie. Makes me wonder what could be done, should people decided to 'reharvest' materials from landfills. Movie And Paper I realize that a movie has a certain power to pull in attention. I also realize that ideas textually laid out have an impact as well. I think the both of them can form a symbiotic relationship in order to convey ideas. The Growing Machine? Garden Heart? I want the sustainable garden. I enjoy having my little reminders growing on the second floor. I need to go buy Mylar and build a furnace. Or a pump to make that light bulb. key: Bolded line items are quick notes about ideas. They may not be fully developed in this incarnation. See what happens when I'm must allowed to stay in and 'think'?


News Cast 2

March 9, 2007 Friday 2:17 AM News Cast 2

The strange and useless news of the week of March 9, 2007

2:17 AM Oh my god, I haven't felt stomach pain like this in a long while. It's why I'm up and apologeticly sending e mails to professors and bosses asking for mercy on my soul. If I'm sick and can't sleep what do I do? Calculate, stuff? ... What do you call it? When you are literate in many forms of media? I know computer languages. I know how to speak with imagery. I know how to write. There are more forms of communication and cross over to appreciate. I note that one of the reasons I prefer the movie vechile for communication... that is when I actually 'think' of it as a form of communication I enjoy the sit-and-watch-factor. That is, I don't have to be bothered with interruptions. I have full control of the image and audio and I can unveil what I wish as I wish without the annoyance of interaction. Sure, comments come later as all work is enviably consumed by individuals. It doesn't have the same power as someone who can disrupt a carefully thought out proposal or speech on a controversial topic. It turns the showcase into a window into the thoughts more than anything else. 5:31 PM I've made a decision. Not every movie will go to DV tape. That is a privialge and that's because it takes more effort to free up the harddrive space. Only the 'better' ones will go to tape. So that when I watch the tape I'll be watching the better movies. And I can quickly discontinue the 'not as great' ones.
The strange and useless news of the week of March 9, 2007


Simulation Basis

March 8, 2007 Thursday 9:12 PM Simulation Basis

Before there are things there are equations. Before there are simulations there is logic.
I ran out of harddrive space. Until, I preform some maintanence... I can't make new movies. notes from earlier ------------------------------------------------------------ While you may not have an exciting movie of 'the day' you could always have something useful in the world of your mind. The world of the mind is much bigger than that of everyday life. And the stories that stem from it can fill all your days many times over. I want to explore and catalog the world of thoughts. And these are the first movies that are doing that. Simulation Basis There is always a root or a core to an idea before it every becomes real in the machine or in reality. There is always some equation somewhere that tells you... yes this is possible. Given that, there is some equations that tell you physical computation for simulation of reality exist. Least, the mechanical version of reality. Brain in Box You know the old story of... exploring that point. humourous Banking from an Idea i had that i also happened to find on wikipedia aperntly people think like I do. Clinical immortality Feasibility Calculations Is it possible? It's a question that people argue without doing math. That bothers me. I mean in the engineering sense. ... cat .DS_Store then type a semicolon you get weird text...

Excerpt from wikipedia.

(before anyone changes the original text) -----
Unending existence As a thought experiment, suppose that clinical immortality were possible, in which through advanced life support machinery or similar, the bodily functions of a comatose human could be kept running in perpetuity. Is it good news to keep a vegetative human's heart pumping for aeons? According to the vast majority of ethicists, "Not at all," since unending biological functioning is not what is at issue in immortality. Ultimately, what one desires is some sort of permanent preservation of personal identity, not just unceasing metabolic integrity. This brings up the philosophical issue of the meaning of consciousness. As another thought experiment, suppose a surgeon replaces part of a man's brain with a pacemaker (this is actually done to treat Parkinson's). After this procedure is done, the patient comes out of his anesthesia feeling like the same person. For the intentions of this experiment, suppose that doctors already fully understand the brain and are able to successfully move sections of the brain's neural network and memories onto hardware where they can perfectly emulate the "architecture" of the brain. Over a period of time, suppose that the individual has many more operations with the intent of gradually replacing parts of his brain with computer hardware. Eventually, the man has a brain made entirely out of computer parts. The man comes out claiming that he is the same person as before. He has the same memories and acts the same. Now suppose that instead of replacing parts of his brain with hardware, he copies the entire brain onto hardware. The computerized version of this man's brain acts the same way, and claims that it is the same man who underwent the procedure. The original man is still alive, however. Are the machine and the man the same person? Are they somehow linked in consciousness? These are the types of situations that illustrate the lack of knowledge concerning the meaning of consciousness that we as a civilization currently possess. One speculative view on the above thesis is: The two 'Hardware' copies of the same man would through the separate experiences they go through after the replacement of brain matter i.e. Being in a different place at a different time, giving them similar but not same personalities. The term personality refers to a series of events throughout the existence of an individual which until present have molded them to be as they are, even in the split second after the operation had been completed the persona would split into two ever changing identities in line with chaos theory.
----- [March 8, 2007] "Thinkers with a strongly mechanistic view of human intelligence (such as Marvin Minsky) or a strongly positive view of robot-human social integration (such as Hans Moravec and Ray Kurzweil) have openly speculated about the possibility and desirability of this." Nice to know I'm know there are people like that." And this Would it be the sentinece uploaded or a copy? Maybe you ARE copied from second to nano second to nano second. You just 'think' its continuous. can you really make the jump? I mean, the qunatum jump to computing that might be cabplabe of the computational power required to simlution moleculr modles on massive scales? It would be amazign to be alive during the whole thing. it would. makes me think of spotless mind movie Serial sectioning part of made me think. 10:19 PM I like the comfort of my home system. I love when I get to realx 'a little' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Context Free

March 7, 2007 Wednesday Context Free

Do the robots of tomorrow need a new programming language?

Woudl would it 'really' take to send someone flying across teh room. Laws of Physics Hollywood fogets Is this really true?? "this upcoming generation of children is nothing to write home about. Modern day children are narcissistic, lazy, weak, emotionally stunted, neurotic, manipulative, dishonest, imaged obsessed, greedy, obnoxious wastes of human life." [Link] Linux Truth/Myth Why Linux Never Catchs colds My favorite part... "And yet. . . . And yet, the big anti-viral companies such as McAfee and Symantec all hawk anti-viral products for Linux. Why would they do this, if viruses pose no threat? Because gullible people have money, too, that's why. Such products are sold to the crowds of people who refuse to believe essays like this one. If you feel that way, buy them with pride: It's easier than thinking." Link --- notes from earlier --------------------------------------------- It's psychological. Or so it would seem. I suspected it but I wanted to be sure. And maybe I would feel better if the other ear had gotten cleaned but I'll probably get used to this new sensation. Doctors wouldn't lie to me about it. They have no reason to. But supposing I was writing a story. That might make for one interesting one. Someone with a little imagination and some paranoia could write some pretty great novels on things. While I may bring up paranoiac ideas it doesn't mean I succumb to them. Least, that's what Chris's Sane self would have you believe. The world of in depth thinking means considering all options. Usually this is best for math. For regular life stuff... it's considered crazy. But where the world of ideas meet the physical world., there area always possibilities. 12:22 pm I found a function declared in the Moodle API that said... "stripos($haystack, $needle, $offset=0) Locate the position of a string in another string" Developer humor I guess. This function finds a needle in a haystack. Very vivid documentation. Famous Nerds I don't necessary endorse the 'nerd is cool' culture but I recognize the other people who do. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 4:01 PM Day summerized. Ear checkup. They tell it's psychological. Figures. Hair cut place(s) closed. What is it some sort of holiday I don't know of? City Hall.... everything is clear again. Called Alf still interested. My legs are tired from the walk.


Computer Science

March 6, 2007 Tuesday 9:29 PM Computer Science

Computer science in my opinion.
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---- e mail to ****** ------------------------------------------ You know ******, I'm so popular with the "HSU Spam Virus Firewall" I get e mails from it all the time. But it would appear not many people e mail me. I guess I realize this around the time I got your message. I suppose it's not like a lot of people need to talk to me. But I wonder from time to time. I wanted to call today but I had class till 7 and then lots of homework. I'll try to call tomorrow. Or Thursday for sure.. but you can always give me a ring. Just be sure to keep talking. Do you ever think about talking to someone. You know, the way where you imagine saying stuff to them and somehow you imagine their response. But at some point.... you come to your senses. And realize that those imagined responses are just that. Imagined. So, if you did this thing too much you wouldn't really 'know' the people but you would know how you think they would react to what you say and the thing you know isn't really reality but an illusion built on by your own mind. ... Oh nevermind, just thought it was something to think about. "Okay" said ******. "Yeah, sorry about not getting to call you tonight" Chris mumbled. "That's okay I have stuff to work on as well" replied ******. "Take Care" Chris waves a farewell and than catches the next train to Z land. -chris ------------------------------------------------------- 10:45 PM Writing for the night has always taken a dive when homework, movies and relaxation demand the most from me. I mourn the loss as I have in the past of this unique odeal. It's unique because I bring it upon myself by being pulled in so many directions. I wonder if I lost the thing most valuable to me. The ability to put the day to rest. To tuck it into it's texty sheets. Have I lost that ability? ....


The Ironic Ear

March 5, 2007 Monday The Ironic Ear

Regular Chris World will not be viewed tonight.
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Weridest Wikipedia article I ever read. Here at the Schelling point. Man that is strange. 5:17 PM The Ironic Ear I should write a book entitled, "why I just can't win" And have the story of waxy hearing loss be the first chapter. It all started when I couldn't hear out of my left ear. And spent the better part of a week and a half dealing with it. I try drops. I try ear candling. I try yelling at it. I just can't shake that feeling of psychollgical disorientation I get when I can hear better out of one ear. The difference in sound makes me cringe. So, I go to one health place and they are not accepting new patients. And then I go to the H. Center and wait for a while. And someone comes and looks at me. And I go through this whole long production to clean my left ear... and it's the darnest thing because it works... (though it was a struggle) I can now hear better out of my left ear. .... Almost too well because now my right ear feels clogged and as I said the difference between the hearing drives me crazy. So, it's the most ironic thing. I swear I should be able to hear better over all but now I can't stand the fact that my situation as reversed. I can't hear out of my right ear as well as my left! Ironic right? [extra notes] happens often I'm told. I'm also told I have a small ear drum. Maybe I can hear higher pitched things better? Notes from earlier....------------------------------------------------ don't mix Sobe and hash Browns. Something about that mixture doesn't work. I keep speculating what it is. But I'm never exactly sure. 10:32 "The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has set the minimum requirement for caloric intake per person per day at 2350. "[Link] Symbiotically, plants can't secure their food and energy sources. But a robotic potted plant can adjust for sunlight levels, water it self, monitor it's pH and alarm when soil needs to be changed or plant it growing to large for it's enclosure. I take since things move very slowly with plant growth there is ample processing time for advanced simulations and environment maintenance and plant protection of a system like this may allow one person to do vastly more than previously thought. For myeslf and others. Feed the world? Location Independed. Lighter weight More efficenint. -- it's a good day when code runs. It's a bad day when it doesn't. It's fun when it works and I relax and enjoy it. I feel drained when I don't know why something doesn't work. Though, I am getting used to sitting being there 4 hours at a time. Doesn't seem like as much as it once was. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ some hot girl tried to friend me on myspace. I didn't accept.. ... instead I wrote a message.. ---- message to hot girl? robot or human Hi, I got your friend request. But I suspect you may be some sort of computer robot or something. To be sure I wanted to send a message that only a 'true' human could decode and understand. So what is up, human? Sorry for the inconvenience of this message but this is one strange society where I can't tell if I'm talking to a machine or not. Not that there will be that much difference in the future. Anyway, take care, even if I never again hear from you. you robot you. ;) -chris ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 807 words written in 40 min. The minium requirement for tonights homework.


Consumer Crazy

March 4, 2007 Sunday Consumer Crazy

Planting things.
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The following represent notes while looking around for information ie not a real post mostly. all of them Did I forget about boost? something in here might help me with writing my own screen capture software .... Quartz Windows Server .. Maybe that is it? Quartz Compositor is OS X's powerful window server??? oreilly talks about it SIDE NOTE: oooo Ink apparently os x has a program that reads your hand writing. nice. Getting warmer.. "Quartz Display Services provides direct access to certain low-level features in the Mac OS X window server." Warmmer warmmer CGDisplayCaptureWithOptions ? if I compile the code I found here... I may be on to something.. .... here's a diff level Capturing the Screen Yet 'another' totally different direction but still useful Least I see something that talks about the cursor. kernal level stuff? I found the last link from here 3:44 PM Consumer Crazy. $200 dollasr worth. Ouch. I didn't mean to. But it is all mostly food and some plant stuff. But really... it's too much. I am so irrated over the ear.. which sometimes aches. And I've been growwing increasingly upset over that and more. ... well I'll be... It's been a full year of on-line journal. I started the online version nearly 1 year and 3 days ago. 5:55 PM --------------------------------------------- e mail to home I am sorry. I didn't realize just how much money I spent today. But in my defense it was all for food. And I think the choices I made would have made you at least semi proud. I got carrots, and mushrooms, and noodles, and rice milk. I had to buy light bulbs and shampoo and toothpaste and cough medicine (non drowsly) and TP and soups and tuna and potting soil and seeds and oatmeal and brown sugar and tissue. I hope this was all okay. I had no idea it was going to come to so much. 200 dollars. But I should have enough food for 1 month maybe more. And with my new job I have basically food money covered. But the problem was I just received a bill and a notice claiming I had missed my last water payment. So, I didn't expect to be writing a 70 dollar check for that which means I charged todays shoppings to my card. Since Joy was driving me I bought more than I normally do at a time since other times I use my bike and I can only hold so much. And on top of that my ear is hurting and clogged and no place was open and my insurance card runs out in a month. And then I lost my temper a bit when I was talking to *** and now I feel really bad. Everything is annoying to me right now. And I feel so bad that I was upset earlier. Anyway, I'll be okay. -chris see you in the summer. ----------------------------------------------------------- I forgot the boost library.


Just a Day

March 3, 2007 Saturday 1:07 PM Just a Day

Sometimes a day is just a day. Set to music of course. I say Why be boring when keeping records?
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I can't belive I finally found video of this guy. I've read all about him Documentary on Feynman 'The Pleasure of Finding Things Out' Hacker Documentary 8:55 PM Feeling kind of sick.


Day of Links Mov:News Cast 1

March 2, 2007 Friday Day of Links

Chris World News
Hard hitting new. That is if your me and
your wondering what is going on in your own life.
Top stories, Dolphin girl, Talking to Walls and 16%.
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I have just found out that Blender 2.43 Now has support for a transform plug in. This allows me to 'quickly' produce that box in the corner very easily which means I can do the News Cast Style effect with ease and speed. I'd like to say ... YES! My programming personality type is..DHSC " You're a Doer. You are very quick at getting tasks done. You believe the outcome is the most important part of a task and the faster you can reach that outcome the better. After all, time is money. You like coding at a High level. The world is made up of objects and components, you should create your programs in the same way. You work best in a Solo situation. The best way to program is by yourself. There's no communication problems, you know every part of the code allowing you to write the best programs possible. You are a Conservative programmer. The less code you write, the less chance there is of it containing a bug. You write short and to the point code that gets the job done efficiently. " Whoa. A differen't kind of deadly? hmmmm whoa facebook info March 2, 2007 Friday 4:25 PM I ask myself... What kind of place would I live in? Knowing me.. I go with functionality over everything. I want to reduce cost so that I don't have to be pressued to work. I can feel my own mother getting nervous. Sure there are always social social stigmas.... but I know functionatiy when I see it. It's a good transitional sort of thing. Probabily motivation. Mobility is a good idea. Dang the zoning. Dang town ordinances though. ... I need to start planning the week. "semi-nomadic lifestyle" --- from notes earlier My Boss from work pointed it out to me. It's already happening. What policy will protect you from the onslought? Tell them you want to know where they are too. Independent of country. Commons of the World Joshua's comment stuck with me. It's democracy 'in theory' isn't it? "Joshua here ... Obviously, this will go nowhere fast. But isn't there something almost surreal about living in an ostensible democracy in which a piece of legislation favored by the majority of Americans is considered to be on the "fringe." " The fundamental question has always been... What is the truth? What he or she did is a secondary notion. It can only really be validated if we know the 'truth' ... materialism... ultimately everything is matter. "the mind is the brain the mental states just are the brain" radio show on brain philosopher have focused too much on the language. Awareness of awareness? buddism is compatible with modern science and neuroscience. materialism no trouble except 'reincarnation' not enough to point to certain patterns. We 'need' explanation that connects them together. Feeling of being 'self' I want someone to reverse engineer it. neuroscience? -----
Chris World News Hard hitting new. That is if your me and your wondering what is going on in your own life. Top stories, Dolphin girl, Talking to Walls and 16%.


Good Day at Work Mov:February

March 1, 2007 Thursday Good Day at Work Mov:February

The movies of February 2007.
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or get Xvid Codec Or Watch the flash version below (sometimes below) Sunday Combadting Low intensity War March 4 7pm to midnight The Bayside Grange 2298 Jacoby Creek Road Green Building Bayside somoa ... I sit next to a fellow S** And it seems like something is wrong. So I'd better be quiet and go about work with minor annoyance to him. Moodle jobs? And opportunities? I bet. And it's near academia. Which usually means funding. And the HQ is somewhere in Australia which means conventions might be there. Can I sense a better 'in' anywhere else? I think not. And I like the mix of webTech with real people. I think it's an exciting place to be. So I don't mind the serves or scripting languages. Trained in the Moodle API first OS code base I was employed with. Moodle Service company? Or Software Service Companies in general? It's good to have skills that are not location or country dependent. Files vs README.txt files wow the reason this article was made... to prevent software from being patented ... it dawns on me that sooner or later I'll have to sell stuff off. And keep only the necessities. Even those are in danger. 6:41 PM Programing VB went smoothly and I was whisked through it and got nice output at approx 1.6 hours for 2 assignment programs. That's about right and VB class is mostly taken care of. I switch to CR/NC for Ameraian gov and thought about the number of note I would have to complete before the end of 309 The grade is much more 'in my hands' for that class. Despite the time thing, this semester is an easier beast. The major classes are both farily simple. A large test tomorrow as well as a drama scene and I be through the first tests of those courses. 4 hours remain in this night and I think I'm mostly on track. It was a good day at work. I can actually say those words. and append "at work" for once. All the past jobs had been mild and unstructred. This has a very different feel but it's also nice to know I can find future opportunities in the area's regarding the Moodle API. So work is fufilling when I actually manage to complete things. 11:15 PM All the hustle to get to bed on time means entries look like unfinished first versions of cliff notes. And what's worse is I don't always take time to reflect on the moments of the day. Or the events such as seeing Lizzie in the Depo with someone. And talking to her about screen shots and things. I pantomined the cursor turning into a cross and selecting things on the screen. I'm in a rush to get to bed.. but really... it's more of a try to relax a bit and feel how tired I am.. Is that a sore throat I feel? My ear hurts. And I haven't yet made it to the Health Center. I've wanted to go.. but my schedule is solid and things have been due. Next week then. ... next week.


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