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1st Day of Break

March 10, 2007 Saturday 12:21 PM 1st Day of Break

I was reminded of Calvin and Hobbes as I was making this.
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SERV_BANKERFRIEND.html Interesting. It's amazing the variety of places I pick up useful information about programming. 5:36 PM Stabbing at the possiblity of mulit track editing using Blenders Sequence editor. 5:46 PM Well done guys. Something To Be Desired This entry was well done. It really speaks. Wasn't that guy with the Gotee from some Nick show? Stuff is possible? I'll believe the cloak when I see it in person. I thought about the camo one as a kid. I thought about the robotic one as a kid. Other people do them.. but the ideas go way back for me. I'm always a bit disappointed that I didn't get to but I'm glad I'm not so out of touch reality. As in my ideas still 'work' somewhere out there. ... I always suspected I was living in a bizarre century. 7;25 PM I want to thikn small but I can't. Things don't work the same when you get small. Think of this.. nano eletric motor And it's nothing like a human sized one. I'm in the dark when I think of the nano world and I have to remedy that someday. 8:06 PM The difference between a landfill and a forest is that one of them has a lot of little machines that 'rebuild' from the derbrie. Makes me wonder what could be done, should people decided to 'reharvest' materials from landfills. Movie And Paper I realize that a movie has a certain power to pull in attention. I also realize that ideas textually laid out have an impact as well. I think the both of them can form a symbiotic relationship in order to convey ideas. The Growing Machine? Garden Heart? I want the sustainable garden. I enjoy having my little reminders growing on the second floor. I need to go buy Mylar and build a furnace. Or a pump to make that light bulb. key: Bolded line items are quick notes about ideas. They may not be fully developed in this incarnation. See what happens when I'm must allowed to stay in and 'think'?

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Viannah said...

Oh man. I am TOTALLY sending this video to my dad. He'll LOVE the cadbury eggs face. It literally made me LOL.


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