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2 Hours Sleep Mov:Narrator

March 19, 2007 Monday 5:12 PM 2 Hours Sleep Mov:Narrator

Vocabulary from oral interpretation or COMM 108 as I like to call it.

INT. CHRIS'S ROOM - DAY Chris types at the computer then turns aside. CHRIS Mmmm I wonder how long it will take me to teach myself quantum mechanics. NARRATOR (VO) Chris said. CHRIS Hey, Who said that? NARRATOR (VO) Chris exclaimed. Chris looks around wildly. CHRIS Wha? Stop that. NARRATOR (VO) Chris pleads. And no I will not stop. CHRIS It's annoying. NARRATOR (VO) Sure it is. CHRIS The narrator said. NARRATOR (VO) Hey! You can't narrate me I'm the narrator. CHRIS No your not. I like my 1st person major perspective thank you very much. NARRATOR (VO) First person is old hat, 3rd person objective is all the rage. CHRIS Your not 3rd person objective. NARRATOR (VO) Oh yeah? Chris contemplate furiously. NARRATOR (VO) Chris quickly contemplates the fact that  a 3rd person narrator can't see into the minds of the characters... CHRIS Ah ha! NARRATOR (VO) Wha? HEY! End Title CHRIS (VO) I told you. Your that omniscient narration thing. NARRATOR (VO) Yeah Whatever.
2 hours of sleep. First day back from break. I think I'll call it a day earlier than usual. That is earlier than my 2 pm class. Sorry Floss. Sorry me. 10:17 AM I must be afraid. For as soon as I pinpoint an opinion. Converge to an eigenstate I am exposing myself. This can be a mess I'm sure. For it is only in the realm of abstain from choice that one may never offend or conflict with the world. Course that decision itself is a choice that a large dose may disagree with. On the third floor of the library, safe from the occasional awkward glances of people in the passing by of life I can contemplate items of inquiry. .... I feast too much on the realm of dreams. For it is always easier to spend the time day dreaming about the actions rather than to take those actions. It is a vicious trap of the 3rd degree. For it is only in reality that any manifestation of objective can unfold and it is in this reality that I am most unprepared. i can not halt the thoughts should events turn sour, nor can I reset the parameters if I don't like the way my dream is going. I am stuck with the outcomes of my gestures... and that may be the worst hell that I can put myself into. Trapped by action and outcome. dans math? ... hey there is a php function that does this... mixed preg_replace ( mixed $pattern, mixed $replacement, mixed $subject [, int $limit [, int &$count]] )
Vocabulary from oral interpretation or COMM 108 as I like to call it.

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Viannah said...

can I narrate a movie, too? Also... I read/watched the thing about [*M] but I still don't get it.


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