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Computer Science

March 6, 2007 Tuesday 9:29 PM Computer Science

Computer science in my opinion.
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---- e mail to ****** ------------------------------------------ You know ******, I'm so popular with the "HSU Spam Virus Firewall" I get e mails from it all the time. But it would appear not many people e mail me. I guess I realize this around the time I got your message. I suppose it's not like a lot of people need to talk to me. But I wonder from time to time. I wanted to call today but I had class till 7 and then lots of homework. I'll try to call tomorrow. Or Thursday for sure.. but you can always give me a ring. Just be sure to keep talking. Do you ever think about talking to someone. You know, the way where you imagine saying stuff to them and somehow you imagine their response. But at some point.... you come to your senses. And realize that those imagined responses are just that. Imagined. So, if you did this thing too much you wouldn't really 'know' the people but you would know how you think they would react to what you say and the thing you know isn't really reality but an illusion built on by your own mind. ... Oh nevermind, just thought it was something to think about. "Okay" said ******. "Yeah, sorry about not getting to call you tonight" Chris mumbled. "That's okay I have stuff to work on as well" replied ******. "Take Care" Chris waves a farewell and than catches the next train to Z land. -chris ------------------------------------------------------- 10:45 PM Writing for the night has always taken a dive when homework, movies and relaxation demand the most from me. I mourn the loss as I have in the past of this unique odeal. It's unique because I bring it upon myself by being pulled in so many directions. I wonder if I lost the thing most valuable to me. The ability to put the day to rest. To tuck it into it's texty sheets. Have I lost that ability? ....

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