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March 4, 2007 Sunday Consumer Crazy

Planting things.
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The following represent notes while looking around for information ie not a real post mostly. all of them Did I forget about boost? something in here might help me with writing my own screen capture software .... Quartz Windows Server .. Maybe that is it? Quartz Compositor is OS X's powerful window server??? oreilly talks about it SIDE NOTE: oooo Ink apparently os x has a program that reads your hand writing. nice. Getting warmer.. "Quartz Display Services provides direct access to certain low-level features in the Mac OS X window server." Warmmer warmmer CGDisplayCaptureWithOptions ? if I compile the code I found here... I may be on to something.. .... here's a diff level Capturing the Screen Yet 'another' totally different direction but still useful Least I see something that talks about the cursor. kernal level stuff? I found the last link from here 3:44 PM Consumer Crazy. $200 dollasr worth. Ouch. I didn't mean to. But it is all mostly food and some plant stuff. But really... it's too much. I am so irrated over the ear.. which sometimes aches. And I've been growwing increasingly upset over that and more. ... well I'll be... It's been a full year of on-line journal. I started the online version nearly 1 year and 3 days ago. 5:55 PM --------------------------------------------- e mail to home I am sorry. I didn't realize just how much money I spent today. But in my defense it was all for food. And I think the choices I made would have made you at least semi proud. I got carrots, and mushrooms, and noodles, and rice milk. I had to buy light bulbs and shampoo and toothpaste and cough medicine (non drowsly) and TP and soups and tuna and potting soil and seeds and oatmeal and brown sugar and tissue. I hope this was all okay. I had no idea it was going to come to so much. 200 dollars. But I should have enough food for 1 month maybe more. And with my new job I have basically food money covered. But the problem was I just received a bill and a notice claiming I had missed my last water payment. So, I didn't expect to be writing a 70 dollar check for that which means I charged todays shoppings to my card. Since Joy was driving me I bought more than I normally do at a time since other times I use my bike and I can only hold so much. And on top of that my ear is hurting and clogged and no place was open and my insurance card runs out in a month. And then I lost my temper a bit when I was talking to *** and now I feel really bad. Everything is annoying to me right now. And I feel so bad that I was upset earlier. Anyway, I'll be okay. -chris see you in the summer. ----------------------------------------------------------- I forgot the boost library.

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