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March 7, 2007 Wednesday Context Free

Do the robots of tomorrow need a new programming language?

Woudl would it 'really' take to send someone flying across teh room. Laws of Physics Hollywood fogets Is this really true?? "this upcoming generation of children is nothing to write home about. Modern day children are narcissistic, lazy, weak, emotionally stunted, neurotic, manipulative, dishonest, imaged obsessed, greedy, obnoxious wastes of human life." [Link] Linux Truth/Myth Why Linux Never Catchs colds My favorite part... "And yet. . . . And yet, the big anti-viral companies such as McAfee and Symantec all hawk anti-viral products for Linux. Why would they do this, if viruses pose no threat? Because gullible people have money, too, that's why. Such products are sold to the crowds of people who refuse to believe essays like this one. If you feel that way, buy them with pride: It's easier than thinking." Link --- notes from earlier --------------------------------------------- It's psychological. Or so it would seem. I suspected it but I wanted to be sure. And maybe I would feel better if the other ear had gotten cleaned but I'll probably get used to this new sensation. Doctors wouldn't lie to me about it. They have no reason to. But supposing I was writing a story. That might make for one interesting one. Someone with a little imagination and some paranoia could write some pretty great novels on things. While I may bring up paranoiac ideas it doesn't mean I succumb to them. Least, that's what Chris's Sane self would have you believe. The world of in depth thinking means considering all options. Usually this is best for math. For regular life stuff... it's considered crazy. But where the world of ideas meet the physical world., there area always possibilities. 12:22 pm I found a function declared in the Moodle API that said... "stripos($haystack, $needle, $offset=0) Locate the position of a string in another string" Developer humor I guess. This function finds a needle in a haystack. Very vivid documentation. Famous Nerds I don't necessary endorse the 'nerd is cool' culture but I recognize the other people who do. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 4:01 PM Day summerized. Ear checkup. They tell it's psychological. Figures. Hair cut place(s) closed. What is it some sort of holiday I don't know of? City Hall.... everything is clear again. Called Alf still interested. My legs are tired from the walk.

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