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The Difficulties of these Times

March 25, 2007 Sunday 2:17 PM The Difficulties of these Times
Apparntly I did not manage to turn off my ringer completely
I was awakened by the phone once more.

The shift in programming has been from (learning languages) as 
it was a few years ago.. to learning how to write plug ins and pieces
of things that play with other things... so that I'm not so concerned
with a small program itself but that it plays nicely with bigger programs
so that my code can tag along for the ride.

Adding functionality with widgets, video plug-ins and web modules is
the focus. It's much more rewarding than a small program from scratch and
it can go futher and be useful.

I'm even more interested in the theoretical and the simulated.

I appear to have many assignments due.

I was doing research for my gov project and came accross this.
(I'm making note for later)

The Difficulites of these Times 10:35 PM (after she left)

The ability that the human organism has to prioritize its
time is a defining factor of its continuing existence.
I speak of those socially hard times when a friend feels
she has no real control left and wants to attain that stable
place that we all really only dream of but can never have.
In my personal opinion I feel I can build myself into one
(But that's another story) Here, I speak of the necessity
for each one of us to take the time to make sure another is
alright. Though the time required to do this may use up 
homework time or prevent certain assignments from coming due.
It is a choice of priority that we make that makes the world
a better place.

It is in those moments when we each have to make a decision to 
be a human or a be a cog in a system. Let's choose human in as
many circumstances as we can possibly allow. I know I'm running
late on my assignments and there are definitely things that will
not get done... but I know there are more important things
that need tending. 

Only when the social storms are settled can one come back to 
the tireless work of the rest of the world. 
Life comes first.

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