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End of an Era? or just a Lull?

March 20, 2007 End of an Era? or just a Lull?

11:01 PM
The seemingly untimely demise of my great movie-capaide isn't
completely over. If anything, I expect a more of a slow down
and a gentle turning as I return balance and restore order to 
my life. 
It comes in the form of more bland pages. That is to say, one may
come forward expecting 'motion picture' and walk away gloomy 
disappointed at the textual dust bowl they had found.

Text is not a waste land my fellows and females. Restoring 
text to it's rightful status quo in my life is going to a 
hard shift when it would have seemed so much rested in the
movie world of 2D space.
But it was always the case really. I realize the value of 
well thought out prose and mourn the loss of it.

I can see that the march of motion is now a mere walk.
This manifestation appears in the form of movies only...
'as necessary' and not 'as always' but a far more interesting
shift is afoot. 
For the ones that make it through the creative snow appear
in a very different form. Inward focus-not outward. Useful
as footnotes and reminders and maybe for the wondering sociology
student looking for a thesis. (and a human subject) the 
daily motion picture will always be a big part of my waking life
for I think, act and dream in the language of imagery.

It is not for the sake of destruction that I halt for now.
It is for the sake of re-birth. To place better things,
not more things. And as always, change with the times that reflect
my life. 
Right now, it seems I have a time deficit. In order to re balance
the books something had to give. And that would be 'those things'
The 2D window-box of life... for now.. 

But all is not lost.

If it's not 100% it's a more relaxed 60% 
And the 40% makes a difference in a lot of ways.
After 73 straight movies I have succeeded at the thing
I wanted most... which was to build the reflex.
I now have it, the reflex to create them, and with this
new mental tool I will proceed.


The *M Notation

I would take notes, as is often the case when I'm in
a college class room, but I would never pretend to value
an instructors words more than they are worth. In short,
if there was spare thought cycles in which I could use for
better purposes I would. 
This resulted in a set of parallel notes sharing space
with the very same pages of regular course notes. 
To denote the difference between 'my' notes and 'their stuff'
I would place an M along the margin.
Further more, when I knew something was important either by
my own opinion or by fiat I would mark a star* (pentagram on page).
Thus, I had a simple system for tracing back to what was 
important in my notes for different days. I would merely
run my eyes along the scrawlings looking for stars or
It was by simple evolution that I would begin to combine
the notation and write *M's for the notes of mine which I 
deemed 'very important' Soon, I was making many notes and
marking many things with the symbol. I suppose I over
use the new combo symbol a bit for I tend to think every
note I make deserves a star.. this is hardly the case.
It's true that there are many more *M's than M's
Is it such a crime to rate my thoughts, my original thinking
a bit higher than the well spouted discourse I hear all day?

Regardless, brief mentionings in movies have left some 
in wonder over the meaning of the *M that appears stamped
on some videos. The usage here is merely an extension of
the original intent. Just as the notes were 'for me' these
movies are 'for me' in the sense I'm no longer acknowledging
the audience. Focus is inward, things aren't fully explained.
(To different extents of course) 
Marking the difference between a movie 'for me' and a movie
for someone else has it's utility. If nothing else, you know
what your in for should you see a date and a *M in the opening
Thus, one knows when they stumble accidentally into the 
scratch pad of a fellow whom chooses to keep track of
the journey of his mind. For himself and for all those 
interested at examining a case study of a human thinking



Combine this with persona 3D fabrication and mmm mmm enjoy.

73 movies? Well, it could always be worse.

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