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Good Day at Work Mov:February

March 1, 2007 Thursday Good Day at Work Mov:February

The movies of February 2007.
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or get Xvid Codec Or Watch the flash version below (sometimes below) Sunday Combadting Low intensity War March 4 7pm to midnight The Bayside Grange 2298 Jacoby Creek Road Green Building Bayside somoa ... I sit next to a fellow S** And it seems like something is wrong. So I'd better be quiet and go about work with minor annoyance to him. Moodle jobs? And opportunities? I bet. And it's near academia. Which usually means funding. And the HQ is somewhere in Australia which means conventions might be there. Can I sense a better 'in' anywhere else? I think not. And I like the mix of webTech with real people. I think it's an exciting place to be. So I don't mind the serves or scripting languages. Trained in the Moodle API first OS code base I was employed with. Moodle Service company? Or Software Service Companies in general? It's good to have skills that are not location or country dependent. Files vs README.txt files wow the reason this article was made... to prevent software from being patented ... it dawns on me that sooner or later I'll have to sell stuff off. And keep only the necessities. Even those are in danger. 6:41 PM Programing VB went smoothly and I was whisked through it and got nice output at approx 1.6 hours for 2 assignment programs. That's about right and VB class is mostly taken care of. I switch to CR/NC for Ameraian gov and thought about the number of note I would have to complete before the end of 309 The grade is much more 'in my hands' for that class. Despite the time thing, this semester is an easier beast. The major classes are both farily simple. A large test tomorrow as well as a drama scene and I be through the first tests of those courses. 4 hours remain in this night and I think I'm mostly on track. It was a good day at work. I can actually say those words. and append "at work" for once. All the past jobs had been mild and unstructred. This has a very different feel but it's also nice to know I can find future opportunities in the area's regarding the Moodle API. So work is fufilling when I actually manage to complete things. 11:15 PM All the hustle to get to bed on time means entries look like unfinished first versions of cliff notes. And what's worse is I don't always take time to reflect on the moments of the day. Or the events such as seeing Lizzie in the Depo with someone. And talking to her about screen shots and things. I pantomined the cursor turning into a cross and selecting things on the screen. I'm in a rush to get to bed.. but really... it's more of a try to relax a bit and feel how tired I am.. Is that a sore throat I feel? My ear hurts. And I haven't yet made it to the Health Center. I've wanted to go.. but my schedule is solid and things have been due. Next week then. ... next week.

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