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Intermission 19

March 11, 2007 Sunday 1:46 PM Intermission 19

Equations on walls.
The first thing I do when I get up is write a simluation from my notes on Friday. I'm getting a smaller and smaller difference from the simulation output and the analytical solution but I'm not entirely convenced I wrote the simulation right. I need to go plot the points and see whether or not it's a sine curver.. because right now it looks like it's the object just fell and never bounced up... which is one of the outcomes I expected anyway. But if that's true why isn't my average difference telling me that there is a big difference? ... before I take care of that later.. via blender or R ? maybe I'm going to let the simulation run for longer. ... It had been so long I had forgotten some things about python. It gets confusing when you work with VB,php and maybe C on a regular basis. You get languages confused. .. I may need to code the sim in C and use MAPM to insure no round off errors. 5:14 PM After failing to make contact with Lizzie. I decided I would walk out to enjoy the sunny day anyway. In the past, I've waited indoors on nice days for people to call me. And they never have. I didn't want to stay in if that was the case. Though apparntly it's not, and she did call when I got back from the library and juggling squirmish. I was a bit angered by earlier events of a 'old pro juggler' tell me about how to toss a club. I so wanted to show I could juggle but I never got all 3 clubs to demostarte that I was juggling with out looking and with out his method. I put my mind on better things as I stamped into the library. I sat down near the pedioticals, and looked out the window. When I turned, 2 magainze caught my eye. One was something about the Higgs Boson or god particle? Is that right? Was that the particle? And something about results that 'might' indicate all particles might have a heaviory version of themselves. So I decided to head to the 3rd floor and find a Quant Mech book again. When 'the Big one' comes I wanted to have some notion of the concepts before I had to make mathematical tracks to understanding the theories. .... I sat at a table with different quantum mech books sprawlled out. I was trying to decide which one would give me the highest return for my reading investment. I know myself when it comes to self study in the library. I know I have to find a book I can keep picking up or it's no good. Least, not without a fuller level of commitment I once showed during Summer Break. I was trying to gaughe how patience I was going to need to be to dig through the mathemtiacal texts. I decided I still wanted a bigger picture of the topics. It's amazing how many bits and pieces of understanding I have of quantum mech. I know it as not just a buzz word but a couple of topics from the thing. My goal is to be able to summerize the whole deal the way I summeriza classical mechanics.. though I can't know eactly how the formulue work... I'll know what functions and what differences in mathemetacials is requried. From that foundation I may build further. Least that is the plan. 8:21 PM ... A life not remembered is a life wasted.

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