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The Ironic Ear

March 5, 2007 Monday The Ironic Ear

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Weridest Wikipedia article I ever read. Here at the Schelling point. Man that is strange. 5:17 PM The Ironic Ear I should write a book entitled, "why I just can't win" And have the story of waxy hearing loss be the first chapter. It all started when I couldn't hear out of my left ear. And spent the better part of a week and a half dealing with it. I try drops. I try ear candling. I try yelling at it. I just can't shake that feeling of psychollgical disorientation I get when I can hear better out of one ear. The difference in sound makes me cringe. So, I go to one health place and they are not accepting new patients. And then I go to the H. Center and wait for a while. And someone comes and looks at me. And I go through this whole long production to clean my left ear... and it's the darnest thing because it works... (though it was a struggle) I can now hear better out of my left ear. .... Almost too well because now my right ear feels clogged and as I said the difference between the hearing drives me crazy. So, it's the most ironic thing. I swear I should be able to hear better over all but now I can't stand the fact that my situation as reversed. I can't hear out of my right ear as well as my left! Ironic right? [extra notes] happens often I'm told. I'm also told I have a small ear drum. Maybe I can hear higher pitched things better? Notes from earlier....------------------------------------------------ don't mix Sobe and hash Browns. Something about that mixture doesn't work. I keep speculating what it is. But I'm never exactly sure. 10:32 "The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has set the minimum requirement for caloric intake per person per day at 2350. "[Link] Symbiotically, plants can't secure their food and energy sources. But a robotic potted plant can adjust for sunlight levels, water it self, monitor it's pH and alarm when soil needs to be changed or plant it growing to large for it's enclosure. I take since things move very slowly with plant growth there is ample processing time for advanced simulations and environment maintenance and plant protection of a system like this may allow one person to do vastly more than previously thought. For myeslf and others. Feed the world? Location Independed. Lighter weight More efficenint. -- it's a good day when code runs. It's a bad day when it doesn't. It's fun when it works and I relax and enjoy it. I feel drained when I don't know why something doesn't work. Though, I am getting used to sitting being there 4 hours at a time. Doesn't seem like as much as it once was. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ some hot girl tried to friend me on myspace. I didn't accept.. ... instead I wrote a message.. ---- message to hot girl? robot or human Hi, I got your friend request. But I suspect you may be some sort of computer robot or something. To be sure I wanted to send a message that only a 'true' human could decode and understand. So what is up, human? Sorry for the inconvenience of this message but this is one strange society where I can't tell if I'm talking to a machine or not. Not that there will be that much difference in the future. Anyway, take care, even if I never again hear from you. you robot you. ;) -chris ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 807 words written in 40 min. The minium requirement for tonights homework.

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