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March 22, 2007 Thursday Just Footnotes

Yep, still trying to make the green screen magic.
The holy grail of amateur film making.
I hope I get to the hardware store this weekend to
make a large green screen since I know i"m very
very close to 'well done' mattes.

(Just some halos to remove)
This is the closest I have been in most of the years of 
me trying to do this.

CS 499
Quantum Computing?
Quantum Computing Information Theory?
all centralize one topic. is related to computer
science. May have application in future work.
Might be helpful for formlating and understanding
the diff between a quantum computer and tradition 
Is it a turing machine? Or is it a probability machine?
Some paraell turing machine?

All true equations program 
"it's easy to write true statements,, it's harder to actualy
prove a particular statement" But if all paticual statmetns are
a subset of a greater solution equation space than it would follow
that drilling through the tremedolus vast combinations a machine
could uncover all true equations...the question would be how to get
it to strain through the 'useful' and novel ones.

FASFA - need to be 24 to file as independent.

-privacy amendments to constitution
-reform to make elections publicly funded

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