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March 26, 2007

March 26, 2007 Monday 

Why is it that it always takes 8 times as many hours
to get a job done? I felt like my honor was on the
line as it got later and later and I still didn't have
the code running. 
That's why it felt good to finally get everything working
and I relaxed and enjoyed the small triumph.

mmmm day dreaming about things to make
Widgets for budgeting, deadlines 
firefox plug ins
blender sequence plug ins
blender py scripts

Science Advising Lunch, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 12:00 - 1:00 pm in NHE 106


It was once before... some time ago when I tried to explain
imaginary i to her.
She wrinkled her nose and glazed her eyes and it was apparent 
that she still didn't get the value of the thing as was the
case years earlier in high school.
I wish I could instill upon the world y sense of mathematics.
The way I see it. I can only make small approximations and
hint towards the bigger picture ideas to others. 
Looking back now, I find I must have been quite unprepared
to express the thing which is i or the root of negative one.
Perhaps, that is due to the fact that I myself didn't understand
it's value. 

Then fast forward to more recently, a few days after I had
embarked on my quantum quest I was reviewing those numbers
that homed i. I was attempted to build an understanding of
the complex plane. Once I began to explore the way i made things
work I began to realize I was becoming able to talk about it
with her once more. 
Only this time.... things would be different.

The funny and exciting part of it was that I discovered nearly
at the same time as she did that the i meant direction.
It's use in complex numbers (after demoing and deriving of 
the product rule of complex numbers) is to specify the y component
of the vector in the Argand Plane.

I discussed with her the nature of mathematics and to watch
for the structure of it all. I would say, "We are not concerned with
the math problems we are concerned with the structure. We are concerned
with how math works. Leave all the rest behind. ....
to be contined... someday

4 weeks
7.75*40*4 = 1240  (- tax ?)
8.00*(30±10)*4 = 1280 high to 640 low  (960 average)


water:  30
power:  60
rent : 900
food : 400


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