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March 29, 2007

March 29, 2007 Thursday

Everyone leaves.. right when HSU switches to Moodle.
It's going to look bad. It's not because of moodle
of course.. but I mean people whom could work on moodle
and help the campus with moodle are going away so
that when calls come in with problems there is going
to be a 'big commotion'
It deserves a movie to highlight the issues.

NURS 400  30345   2 Stress Mgmt Wellness Illness     3        40/ 0/ 40
                             Roberts, Deborah A.
                         Meeting Dates: 29-MAY-07 to 29-JUN-07
------- fall 2007
CIS  235  41961   1 Java Programming                 3        24/ 0/ 24     Y  A1
                             Tuttle, Sharon            M 1500-1650 TA 011
CIS  235  41962  11   Java Programming Lab           0        24/ 0/ 24     Y  A2
                             Tuttle, Sharon            W 1500-1650 NHW 244
                         Additional Fees: $20.00
CIS  499          0 Directed Study                   1-4       0/ 0/ 0
                         Special Approval Req: Dept Chair Approval

a mysql db dump of classes 

they say, "you need a masters to teach"
The people of the world say.. 'just teach and see who listens'

Finish current quiz
one more quiz
then 2 papers
and I will have passed 309 with a C

I think the one last question mark happens
to be Amer Gov. A class I really need but it
has a group that hasn't really shown conviction.
Takes a long time to research for things... it's 
quite mind numbing.
But... just today... I had that faint notion that
I was just going to manage.. 
I had that feeling like I could just pull through...
as though I've been tugging on a rope just long enough
and just hard enough to begin to feel the give in 
the boulder. 

I must keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Your persistence is yet another quality that I respect and admire about you. You are truly a blessing to know. Keep up the fight and I know you will succeed.

Sirhc Senots said...

Thanks you fish you.


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