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March 14, 2007 Movie: *M

Leave it open-ended.

My simulation is not looking good. I don't know which one it is. It's not the diagonal. And I doubt it's the curved one. I think it might be the flat lined thing. Ugh.
I just learned about 'top' and 'uptime' tools. I like them.. And I've only seen them for 3 seconds. oh and I found df too. 93% full.. it's not good for the computer. 8:53 PM I've been reading some opinions about what is going on with the world. Civilization lacks a complete model of humanity interaction. Even whole pieces of it are not accespable to the bulk of the populace. If only there was a way to really 'know' what outcomes would be. A way to see all the patterns in the data. To even have data in the first place. People are far to disorganized and the motivational factors that 'should have' existed do not or do not allow for any self correction any longer. How can one person really change the mess? I think that it depends on that person. Just when I was starting to feel better about the world too. Geez now I read all about this? I'd rather type about actually getting to see Tricia Today. It started when I recieved a message from there. And I wanted to ride my bike out anyway... so I decided to try my luck and drop by the dorms. At first everything and every way was locked.. but I saw Jess C. and she informed me Tricia was in the common room. And suddenly there she was... playing N64 Gauntlet. And so I joined her. I left after sometime thinking I should have asked for a while instead.... .... I think it's time. I have noticed that there has been 'too much' movie production and not enough progress in other very very important areas. I think it's time to relax that self imposed requirment.... and if anything... return to the depths of my mind. If I do make a video record it will not be 'for anyone' but 'inside' my head. And I could focus only as an after thought than a central focus. It's better that way... for now. .... NO choice. Entries with *M mean 'in the mind' Why not? This was the symbole I used for the notes that mattered to me most. And no one else I suppose.


ToliverChap said...

Have you seen Aronofsky's Pi? I'm sure you'd like it since it's about a guy trying to find patterns in nature, etc. Also another good science fiction indie film is Primer, it's about time travel though more of the human duplication paradox that comes with it, plays like a Calvin and Hobbes stripe a bit you know one of those 2-3 week long epic ones? Anyway imdb em when you run out of "important things to do".

Viannah said...

I'm not sure I understand what you mean in this video... maybe I've just been out of the loop too long?

Also, it made me sad. But also glad that you're moving on to more imprtant things.


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