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The Nature of Worry

March 28, 2007 Wednesday The Nature of Worry

It concerns me when I'm signing up for
a credit report and it claims I took out
a morgage. I did not. 
.... I have not seen my full report but the
fact that it askes me.. is alarming.


mental static?
I have to talk to the dentist today.
which means I need to get home before 5
Now that my insurance is renewed appointments
can be made later... perhaps not on a national

I'm trying to get copies of my credit report.
It doesn't make me feel good to have one of them
claim that 'I' signed up for a mortgage. 
That is worrisome though I've tacitly decided
to relax about it until I actually have all credit

SL skills?
Moodle Rooms presence 

Firebug is really nice for browsing the net
and playing with the pages to learn the css.
It's instant feedback on what you do.

ah ha!

#main-wrapper {

#main-wrapper {
overflow:visible; //better check this line

might make things show up again!

at least make page scrollable as well

3:55 PM
Firebug for Firefox is a very good thing
I'm home and yet still annoyed by all the things.
As I laid back on the Red Wood Bowl blenchers I 
couldn't help but to exmain my sense of worry.
It was there clatching my heart in some moments and
letting it's fingers ease up a bit in others.
The familar feel of worry has always been with me.
Whatever pings it... it usualy brings headaches and
fatigue. For many things there were worries to contemplate.
Though I think at that moment I was considering the nature
of worry and the role it plays in my life.
Aside from the thing of the thing I had that credit report
snaffu in my mind.
And still the dentist appointment on friday.
And yet... when I returned  home.. as though some sense of
... it can't be ... the appointment was rescheduled. 
I was able to call and place it somewhere in finals week.
Well, it's a 3 day weekend after all. 
There's far too much to do in these days. I may just have to 
'sneak' by in some classes forgoing a good grade for a passing 

The thing is... times like these make me want to leave
society. Leave my idenitity with in it.
For the worry doesn't not come fro myself but this thing
.. this horribly monstours social structure that I am
'temporarily' dealing with.

I am only beginning ot find my footing in this social game.

With most of the day in perspective I'd note the single 
part that went the best.. was getting my resistration code
after saying not more than 2 sentences to Sharon.
1 more reg code?

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