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March 9, 2007 Friday 2:17 AM News Cast 2

The strange and useless news of the week of March 9, 2007

2:17 AM Oh my god, I haven't felt stomach pain like this in a long while. It's why I'm up and apologeticly sending e mails to professors and bosses asking for mercy on my soul. If I'm sick and can't sleep what do I do? Calculate, stuff? ... What do you call it? When you are literate in many forms of media? I know computer languages. I know how to speak with imagery. I know how to write. There are more forms of communication and cross over to appreciate. I note that one of the reasons I prefer the movie vechile for communication... that is when I actually 'think' of it as a form of communication I enjoy the sit-and-watch-factor. That is, I don't have to be bothered with interruptions. I have full control of the image and audio and I can unveil what I wish as I wish without the annoyance of interaction. Sure, comments come later as all work is enviably consumed by individuals. It doesn't have the same power as someone who can disrupt a carefully thought out proposal or speech on a controversial topic. It turns the showcase into a window into the thoughts more than anything else. 5:31 PM I've made a decision. Not every movie will go to DV tape. That is a privialge and that's because it takes more effort to free up the harddrive space. Only the 'better' ones will go to tape. So that when I watch the tape I'll be watching the better movies. And I can quickly discontinue the 'not as great' ones.
The strange and useless news of the week of March 9, 2007

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