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Null Eventful

March 27, 2007 Tuesday Null Eventful

While constructing my blue screen back drop the other day...
I kept thinking about myself long ago.. as I was once a little
kid putting tinker toys together to reach the ceiling.
I remember this event. My mom does too. She walked in and found
me poking the ceiling with tinker toys.
I must have been hooked on using technology to extend my reach
ever since.

... just poking the ceiling.

"man if only I had a dollar for every time I had a dollar from someone"

... I'm reading out of a Comm 309 book and I'm starting to think about playing with marketing. Now that would be fun. .... cashbox for budgeting I forgot how I used to design screen savers Widgets for budgeting, Deadlines.wdgt a tombstone for due dates of assignments and other things. 'here lies biology final firefox plug ins blender sequence plug ins blender py scripts .... later in the day.. Well, it's night now and once again I have run out of time for homework. This looks grim. I wonder when it will all be turning around? It feels like I have a mountain of assignments but can't seem to get them done fast enough to clear my mind. That is really annoying. And I've been meaning to get to bed on time... but that doesn't look feasible. Least I may try. ... what's worse is that there is not time to things of value here.

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