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On a Quest?

March 18, 2007 Sunday 3:02 AM On a Quest?

Another *M curious? Well here I go.

Very important footnote. Gravitomagnetic London Moment Very recent. Sounds exciting.
"a superconductive gyroscope is capable of generating a powerful gravitomagnetic field, and is therefore the gravitational counterpart of the magnetic coil."
Now, that could be a new feild. And exciting.. if you can produce gravity with appartus. Now there is something. Tis Tis. I'm studying hard to understand someday... someday. I already noticed a lot of new and exotic functions. Complex Analysis is catching my attention. Nash read this book The Fermat part got him interested in Math Hard to find that part. I wonder what it said..... 5:01AM

Is Euclidean geometry a retronym?

oooOoo 4:09 PM open -a "/Applications/QuickTime" Movie.avi && osascript -e 'tell application "QuickTime Player"' -e 'present movie 1' -e 'end tell'


der Lizziefuchs said...'re funny. :D

Viannah said...

whoa. your speech gets faster and faster...


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