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Past Midnight Oil.

March 30, 2007 Friday 3:42 AM Past Midnight Oil.
Burning the past midnight oil.

It can be difficult to write math problems.
Constructing a good example can become rather difficult
as many factors play into the end result.
If I'm looking after some particular end result
that I want I need to very carefuly decided my varibles.
I need to preform some extensive mathematics just to 
make things work. It's a circus of symbols most times.

I was attempting to work out some mathematics with a
close friend. Well, at first I was merely proving things
to myself and she was there looking over my shoulder.
This is a curious sort of situation since I am not used
to having someone look over my sholder while I work
on mathematics. But I liked her there. And I liked
the company while I had something to ponder.

I wave back and forth over various things but in a
slightly estranged attempt to fill her in on 
calculus (Intergrals) I picked a few really bad
mathematical examples. ... That ultimalty lead to another
one of those 'interesting' little discoveries.
I collect them. I collect strange assorted facts about
pieces of analytical geometery.
In this case it appears that all functions 
of the form, f(x) = (2n)x where n is a positive integer
lead to integrations where the triangles are equivalent
to sqares with the size of their base. 
She wondered why I was baffeled at teh strange
irony of the example selection. (I picked 2x at of a need
for some function that didn't look like just an x)
Apparently even multiples of x lead to this strange
She watched as I derived a inductive proof for it 
via calculus. 

All in all I might write that thing up and stash
it somewhere as a quirkly little side story.

Realtivy leads me to a very strange statment,

"I have to go slow enough to get there on time"

... I haven't checked my site stats in weeks. And I'm fearful for doing so now. I don't expect much.

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