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Simulation Basis

March 8, 2007 Thursday 9:12 PM Simulation Basis

Before there are things there are equations. Before there are simulations there is logic.
I ran out of harddrive space. Until, I preform some maintanence... I can't make new movies. notes from earlier ------------------------------------------------------------ While you may not have an exciting movie of 'the day' you could always have something useful in the world of your mind. The world of the mind is much bigger than that of everyday life. And the stories that stem from it can fill all your days many times over. I want to explore and catalog the world of thoughts. And these are the first movies that are doing that. Simulation Basis There is always a root or a core to an idea before it every becomes real in the machine or in reality. There is always some equation somewhere that tells you... yes this is possible. Given that, there is some equations that tell you physical computation for simulation of reality exist. Least, the mechanical version of reality. Brain in Box You know the old story of... exploring that point. humourous Banking from an Idea i had that i also happened to find on wikipedia aperntly people think like I do. Clinical immortality Feasibility Calculations Is it possible? It's a question that people argue without doing math. That bothers me. I mean in the engineering sense. ... cat .DS_Store then type a semicolon you get weird text...

Excerpt from wikipedia.

(before anyone changes the original text) -----
Unending existence As a thought experiment, suppose that clinical immortality were possible, in which through advanced life support machinery or similar, the bodily functions of a comatose human could be kept running in perpetuity. Is it good news to keep a vegetative human's heart pumping for aeons? According to the vast majority of ethicists, "Not at all," since unending biological functioning is not what is at issue in immortality. Ultimately, what one desires is some sort of permanent preservation of personal identity, not just unceasing metabolic integrity. This brings up the philosophical issue of the meaning of consciousness. As another thought experiment, suppose a surgeon replaces part of a man's brain with a pacemaker (this is actually done to treat Parkinson's). After this procedure is done, the patient comes out of his anesthesia feeling like the same person. For the intentions of this experiment, suppose that doctors already fully understand the brain and are able to successfully move sections of the brain's neural network and memories onto hardware where they can perfectly emulate the "architecture" of the brain. Over a period of time, suppose that the individual has many more operations with the intent of gradually replacing parts of his brain with computer hardware. Eventually, the man has a brain made entirely out of computer parts. The man comes out claiming that he is the same person as before. He has the same memories and acts the same. Now suppose that instead of replacing parts of his brain with hardware, he copies the entire brain onto hardware. The computerized version of this man's brain acts the same way, and claims that it is the same man who underwent the procedure. The original man is still alive, however. Are the machine and the man the same person? Are they somehow linked in consciousness? These are the types of situations that illustrate the lack of knowledge concerning the meaning of consciousness that we as a civilization currently possess. One speculative view on the above thesis is: The two 'Hardware' copies of the same man would through the separate experiences they go through after the replacement of brain matter i.e. Being in a different place at a different time, giving them similar but not same personalities. The term personality refers to a series of events throughout the existence of an individual which until present have molded them to be as they are, even in the split second after the operation had been completed the persona would split into two ever changing identities in line with chaos theory.
----- [March 8, 2007] "Thinkers with a strongly mechanistic view of human intelligence (such as Marvin Minsky) or a strongly positive view of robot-human social integration (such as Hans Moravec and Ray Kurzweil) have openly speculated about the possibility and desirability of this." Nice to know I'm know there are people like that." And this Would it be the sentinece uploaded or a copy? Maybe you ARE copied from second to nano second to nano second. You just 'think' its continuous. can you really make the jump? I mean, the qunatum jump to computing that might be cabplabe of the computational power required to simlution moleculr modles on massive scales? It would be amazign to be alive during the whole thing. it would. makes me think of spotless mind movie Serial sectioning part of made me think. 10:19 PM I like the comfort of my home system. I love when I get to realx 'a little' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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