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March 12, 2007 Monday 4:43 PM Special Composite

I've had this composite idea for a while, but I never tested it.

I decided I'd try it out. Take it for a test spin.

Somepeople leave more insightful comments on my movies. I apprecaite being directed to such things but it seems a bit condenseind from the text of "You are never going to find the "ultimate" simulation method. " I don't believe I was looking for one.
Lazerf4rt (6 hours ago) The simulation method you're talking is known as Euler integration, where the accuracy depends on the stepsize. There are a lot of well-known refinements, such as adapting the stepsize, or taking the velocity at the midpoint of the step. There are also more precise methods that use the information from higher derivatives, like Verlet integration and the Runge-Kutta methods. Lazerf4rt (6 hours ago) You are never going to find the "ultimate" simulation method. You just need to decide what to program. If you are just trying to write a fun game, often the simpler methods are good enough. If the game is fun, you succeeded.
[comment left on SimBasis via youtube] Regardless, I'll go look up... Verlet integration Runge-Kutta methods I didn't realize it had so many problems. But the fundemantal (you need to pick scale of time step and values depend on previous outcomes remains for all computational methods) The convergence is different but I thought that was a given. A super convergent formula is the analytical one. It makes me wonder what the 'second to that' is and maybe there are methods that are just below analytical efficiency. ... 5:02 PM What did guys do before there were phones? Before they coudl ask for a phone number? 11:09 PM When I got my haircut earlier today. The barber told me about the origin of the white and red pole. Turns out the local barber used to cut off body parts... as in they played the same role as the surgeon. So they would hang the bloody bandages on a pole and the pole would become red and then the white bandages would wrap around the pole as the wind blew it. ugh. I don't think I'll ever look at a barber pole the same way again... even candy canes too. I enjoyed the story amoung other things he told me and tipped him 3 dollars. My only regret is that the tale and the way he spoke it is not in movie form.

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Dad said...

Rent The Hulk. Not a great comic book movie but an interesting cinematic experiment using separate windows to simulate comic book panels.

And I had a video posted today too!


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